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Lung Association Offers Tips to Protect Lungs During Extreme Heat in New Jersey

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Ridgewood NJ, , heat advisories are in affect for areas of New Jersey. Extreme weather conditions, like the current heat wave, can make breathing more difficult for anyone, but can especially be challenging for residents living with lung diseases like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or asthma.

Inhaling hot air is known to promote airway inflammation and exacerbate respiratory disorders like COPD. Hot weather can also be a trigger for people with asthma. Because people with chronic lung disease already have inflamed airways, weather is more likely to have an impact, as breathing in hot, humid air induces airway constriction or narrowing. It also takes more work for your body to breathe in humid air, so people may feel short of breath sooner than usual.

The American Lung Association offers these six tips to protect your lung health in extreme heat:

  1. Monitor air quality. Air pollution can be very high in summer and those with asthma and other lung diseases are at higher risk of being negatively impacted by air pollution.
  2. Don’t try to exercise outside in extreme heat. It’s not just uncomfortable, it can be deadly.
  3. Ensure you are taking steps to keep your body cool, such as:
    • Drink plenty of fluids, even if you don’t feel thirsty, to stay hydrated. When you are dehydrated, your nasal passages dry out and that can affect your breathing.
    • Wear lightweight, loose-fitting clothing.
    • Locate an air-conditioned space such as a shopping mall or public library and try to stay there during late afternoon when it is hottest outside. During heat waves, many communities offer cooling centers at libraries, community centers or other public buildings. Even a few hours spent in air conditioning can help your body stay colder when you return home.
    • Stop using an electric fan when temperatures reach 95 degrees or higher. These lend a false sense of comfort due to creating air flow but do not reduce your body’s temperature and could increase your risk of heat-related illness. Instead, take a cool shower or bath to cool your body temperature down.
  4. Keep all medications with you. It is important for people with chronic lung diseases such as COPD and asthma to always keep quick-relief medications with them and to follow their asthma or COPD action plan. If you know that extreme weather is coming, make sure that you have enough medication to last you a few days. And contact your healthcare provider if symptoms do not improve or are worrisome.
  5. Ask for help. The American Lung Association’s Lung HelpLine at 1-800-LUNGUSA is staffed by nurses and respiratory therapists and is a free resource to answer any questions about the lungs, lung disease and lung health, including how to protect yourself during extreme heat.
  6. Help others. Check on elderly and vulnerable neighbors frequently to ensure their homes are safely cooled and vented.

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17 thoughts on “Lung Association Offers Tips to Protect Lungs During Extreme Heat in New Jersey

  1. Wear a mask … Ha Ha Ha.

  2. How about your boss put you in activity a few times a day to relax

    1. How about you do the job you were paid to do and STFU

  3. Yes cold av and cold ice water. Way to cheep for me.

  4. I hope the village Ridgewood officials for doing the right thing for the employees during this extreme this week. There’s no excuse. The supervisors should be giving out icewater, and making sure everyone is safe. Take extra breaks if needed. If not, they will be passing out on the road in the village. Ridgewood will be responsible.

    1. How about you being personally responsible and bring your own water to work and pacing yourself to get the job done safely?

  5. Where is the village cooling center?

    1. Why?

      Do you need a cooling center?

      Is the AC in your house and multiple cars and workplace and stores you patronize broken?

  6. Enough babysitting. Employees should know how to take care of themselves when it is hot or cold outside. Stop asking supervisors to take care of employees like they are some sort of idiots.

  7. Guess what if you wanna be in charge of employees it’s your responsibility to make sure they’re safe, so if you don’t like it, don’t be a supervisor, a foreman, lead man, a manager, it’s your responsibility

  8. So what you’re saying is if there’s mold inside of a building next to my desk, should I come to work with a respirator or if there’s no heat in my office should I come to work with winter coats on? Should I bring my own toilet paper and soap For the bathroom.

  9. Guess what it’s the manager, Director, supervision, Boardman, lead man, responsibility to make sure that the employees are safe. In all extreme weather conditions, and we have individuals driving trucks in the winter without heat in the fosters, no show in extreme heat with no AC, they need to pull over and rest if employees not working outside in the sun same thing take extra breaks. The labor department put out anything over 90°. Take extended breaks. It’s amazing how people in charge don’t want responsibility. But guess what it’s their responsibility they’re getting paid they want the money but they don’t want the responsibility. It’s just amazing , if they don’t responsibility well then they need to go back into the workforce. And let somebody else take over because we don’t need people in charge hiding yes, hiding in their AC vehicles or offices. All supervision’s are working forman. so let’s stop this bullshit, if not let’s meet up so I can give you a fat lip,

    1. Looking after the workers whose blood and sweat creates your job overseeing them?

      What are you, some kind of commie?

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  11. It’s the law ass wipe. Over 90” extra breaks, oh yes . Be a boss not a jerk off, and a cheap scape.

    1. Extra breaks? Sounds like woke snowflake stuff.

  12. It’s the law ass wipe. Over 90” extra breaks, oh yes . Be a boss not a jerk off, and a cheap scape.

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