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Magnolia Avenue Bridge in Montvale Gets a Makeover

photos courtesy of Bergen County Executive Jim Tedesco

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Montvale NJ, according to Bergen County Executive Jim Tedesco , County Engineering is busy working on some important upgrades to Bergen County roadways and infrastructure with several projects currently underway. Construction crews recently broke ground on a $1.8 million project in Montvale to fully replace the Magnolia Avenue Bridge with work expected to be complete by the end of the year.

5 thoughts on “Magnolia Avenue Bridge in Montvale Gets a Makeover

  1. Do any of these projects ever get completed in a timely fashion.
    It seems like they all take forever.

  2. When complete, it will be a beautiful bridge that physically unites communities. People from miles around will travel to experience the unity it provides!

  3. Like a convention center or a sports stadium……………..

  4. I hope it goes faster than the Century Ave bridge in Paramus. They have been working on a 20 foot bridge for years now. It the time they have been working on the little tiny Century Ave bridge fix, 3 apartment buildings were built in downtown Ridgewood.

    1. union job.
      my brother worked as an intern at a union job one summer in college.
      the bulldozer driver wasn’t allow to start the machine. an ‘oiler’ had to do that. its incredible the rules that they come up with so one person can work and 6 can watch. My question for the union members is why are you worth so much more than road workers in ‘right to work’ southern states?
      Why do we pay many times more per ‘road mile’ than other states’.
      Other skilled construction workers in other states manage to get the job done at a lot less cost.
      I remember taking the deisel erie-lackawanna trains years ago.
      There were 2 people in the locomotive.
      one was the engineer.
      the other was the ‘fireman’.
      I ask wtf is the fireman. answer= he shovels the coal.
      The job was no longer needed with the advent of deisel engines, but the unions refused to eliminate the job. LOGIC would have trained the fireman as an engineer…but no.. its called ‘union featherbedding’ paying for non-existant jobs… the own the democrats… who own NJ… so keep watching your gas taxes go up and the potholes get bigger.

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