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Mahwah Republican Leaders Endorse Jack Ciattarelli for Governor

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Mahwah NJ, rare is the candidate whose professional resume and personal skillset, match perfectly the office they seek. Rarer still, is when the timing of that candidate’s run is distinctly suited for a unique political environment or economic  backdrop. Jack Ciattarelli is that candidate and the leader New Jersey desperately needs, and we proudly stand in  support of his candidacy for New Jersey Governor. 

Ronald Reagan emerged when the world needed a leader and when our country needed a hero. Abraham Lincoln  was the supreme unifier when our great Nation was deeply divided. FDR came along when a “New Deal” was  necessary to jumpstart our economy. And JFK was the youth and energy we craved when we were asked what “you  can do for your country”. We’ve also experienced similar “candidate timing” throughout history in gubernatorial  races. Gov. Dewitt Clinton of New York for example, constructed the Erie Canal and helped launch public-school education for all children -regardless of income – solidifying New York as a leader in global trade and an early bastion  of widespread educational equality. 

Jack Ciattarelli is a generational candidate who comes along so infrequently that you will begin to question the  qualifications of those who came before. His New Jersey roots go back more than 100 years at a time when we look  to someone who represents true New Jersey values. He’s an MBA/CPA who launched two New Jersey start-ups at a  time when our own small businesses are struggling. He is a devoted husband and blue-star father of four, when our  state and national leaders have forgotten the importance of keeping our families safe. Jack is tough at a time when  our state craves both steadfast leadership, and compassion during economic unrest. Finally, he is a no nonsense, roll up-your-sleeves, legislator at a time when New Jersey’s leaders forgot that our representatives were elected to work  for us, and not the other way around. 

Winston Churchill once said, “Politics is not a game, but a serious business”. Truer words have never been spoken.  Jack Ciattarelli is the right candidate at the right time for New Jersey – and for our Nation. He has devoted his life to  his family, and our State, and has never looked back – and he’s not done. Electing Jack Ciattarelli, the next Governor  of New Jersey will not only lead our State through crisis and uncertainty, but will again create a New Jersey that  attracts businesses, industry, and hard-working Americans looking to raise their families under the guidance of a  leader who will put New Jersey first. He will place industry over government overreach, family values over partisan  politics, and the rule of law and respect for our police & Veterans, above all else. Please join us in support of Jack  Ciattarelli for the 57th Governor of the State of New Jersey. 

James Wysocki, Mayor – Mahwah, New Jersey Frank T. Pallotta, 2022 US House Candidate, NJ-05 Robert Lockwood Municipal Chair William B. Taylor Vice Chair GOP Club, CC Tracy Miceli CC, Club Trustee George Ervin CC, Club Trustee Christine Ervin CC, Club Trustee Frank Orlich CC, Club Treasurer, Trustee Austin Harrison Club Trustee Lauren Gallagher Club Trustee Charles Rabolli, Jr. CC Michelle C. Paz Councilwoman, CC Jerry Crean CC Josephine Rabolli CC Jerry Paz CC Ann Lawler CC Doreen Latargia Entrup CC Robert Hermansen CC, Former Commissioner John Roth Fmr. Mayor Jessica LoPiccolo CC Peter Fenzel CC Michael Schnoll CC


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  1. Vote for Jack! Get rid of Murphy!

  2. Jack has better teeth! Vote for Jack!

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