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Major heroin bust targets buyers from North Jersey suburbs


Major heroin bust targets buyers from North Jersey suburbs
Friday, May 3, 2013    Last updated: Friday May 3, 2013, 12:57 AM
The Record

Each day, they leave the leafy streets of Ridgewood, Dumont, Wayne and dozens of other suburbs, cutting across North Jersey on roads lined by schools and strip malls, and descend on Paterson, looking for a fix.

They do not search long — their dealer is waiting by a grocery store on the corner of 12th and 22nd, or the housing projects along Rosa Parks Boulevard. Ten minutes and $40 later, the young heroin addicts cross the Passaic River with a bundle of dope, 10 slender bags to sniff, or inject, in their cars or in their bedrooms back home.

The arrests of more than 100 people on an array of heroin charges, the fruits of a four-month investigation presented Thursday by the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office, painted a stark portrait of heroin supply and demand in North Jersey: a vulnerable population, a permeable city and the drug that binds them.

8 thoughts on “Major heroin bust targets buyers from North Jersey suburbs


    Word to the wise: if you ever see #78 at the ABG, and you happen to have a little H on you (or can convince her that you do), you might get lucky. But act quickly, before she starts to resemble #81.

    Just kidding, she doesn’t look like that type of girl. #81, however, is 13 years younger than me but looks a few years older.

    Lay off the smack, kids. It really is habit forming.

  2. I think we need to push for Medicinal Heroin.
    After all, it’s just like any other pain killer.

    We can set up Medical Heroin boutiques and sell it legally.

    It should be easy enough to find some doctor and run some study and get some personal testimonials to back its medicinal benefits.

  3. #2, thanks for continuing to demonstrate your ignorance. Bayer Pharmaceuticals would like a word with you, in 1900.

    Currently we have Vicoden, Oxycontin, Percaset, and a dozen other opiates available for medicinal consumption.

    And yes, there is clinical cocaine as well.

    Your steadfast adherence to your erroneous position on this issue is both admirable and pitiful at the same time.

  4. People abuse valium but that does not make it a bad drug.

    I guess that you are referring to medical marijuana. Does it really bother you that a person in pain can smoke pot? Would you feel better if the person took morphine, with all the side effects? Are you afraid that a terminal patient will become addicted?

  5. #4 there is some anon on this blog who has a hard on against medical mj. I’m convinced he / she is a Pfizer rep or similar.

  6. No problems with marijuana.

    But don’t try to present it as a legitimate medication when it is not.

    No other medication gets sold in specialty boutiques and allows the “patient” to pick their own strength.

    Clinical cocaine is a legitimate medicine.
    It is prescribed and distributed under strict medical supervision… you don’t go to the corner Cocaine Dispensary and select your dosage and strength.

    Same goes for Vicoden, Oxycontin, Percaset and Valium… all sold in legitimate pharmacies with controls and fixed dosage and quantities.

    Medical Marijuana is a farce.
    Again… MEDICAL… marijuana.

    Those who wanted to legalize marijuana failed, so they corrupted the medical system to back door recreational marijuana.

    If you want it legalized… go and get it legalized.
    But don’t call it medicine.
    EVERYONE knows it is not a legitimate medicine.
    Calling it medicine is an open secret (aka a lie).

  7. Yup. Absloutely a pharma rep. Just because Big Pharma can’t monopolize production and distribution, it’s not “legitimate”. Moving on…

  8. Nope.
    No pharma rep.
    Just common sense.

    The ONLY reason marijuana is masquerading as a “medicine” is that those who wanted it legalized for recreational use (like alcohol) failed to get it decriminalized.

    As a medicine, marijuana is a farce and everyone knows it.

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