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Male and Female View of the World

The world is now more complicated than ever, with tens of thousands of political parties that are vying for the votes of people and competing to influence all the different aspects of our life. One of the biggest and most noticeable differences are how men and female tend to think, it is common knowledge that is backed up by multiple studies. But why actually is that? We are going to be exploring this very topic in this male and female view of the world article.


One of the major aspects of the world that men and women tend to disagree with is the topic of feminism. On average females are far more likely to be feminists and support the movement. This, however, does not necessarily mean that men do not support feminism, but it instead means that most men currently feel that female emancipation has already been achieved.

According to a poll conducted by the Pew Research Center, 61% of women in the United States describe themselves are feminists while according to a poll by Gallup just 20% of men saw themselves as feminists. The reason for this is that feminism tends to put the blame for the perceived repression of women on men. Thus, men feel like they are being unfairly blamed and targeted making them feel resentful at such a movement.


 According to studies and multiple examples throughout history, men are more likely than women to be nationalists. A reason behind this is that with nationalism certain other political beliefs are often connected such as militarism, imperialism, and colonialism.

 Men are far more likely to see a strong army as a good thing and fighting confrontations as something interestingly and potentially fun although that is certainly not the case. This could be down to the fact that when the majority of men are growing up they are likely playing games where they are role-playing soldiers regardless if they are doing so themselves or using toy soldiers.

 Women on the other hand tend to be less enthusiastic about force and are more compassionate towards other people, so they will not be able to ignore all the terrible things associated with nationalism. Nationalism is ultimately a belief that requires you to value the needs and wants of one group of people over those of another.

     What Makes a Man Attractive?

 Men and women also don’t agree on what makes a man attractive. For example, males may perceive that sought after masculine beauty equals to having big muscles as well as a six-pack. But this really views that is distorted by society, the majority of women do not care exclusively just about this or see it as the most important characteristic in a potential partner.

 Females, on the other hand, will likely look for a partner that is, first of all, a nice person and will support her during the good and bad times. Additionally, it will be simpler things such as taking care of how your dress and simply being fun to be around. Multiple studies show that women care much less than men about how physically good-looking their partner is.

     Leadership Preference.

Furthermore, the male and female view of the world differs widely on the topic of leadership. Pew Research Center cites that women are far more likely to prefer a female leader while men are far more likely to prefer a boss or leader that is male. This is because they are better able to relate to a person of the same gender as them, the same is the case with the leader who is able to better understand the psychology of a person that is the same gender as them.

This is not just the case at work, but also in politics with women being far more likely than men to vote for a female politician. Due to this, we can come to the conclusion from the information that it is not because of the policies of that politician, but it is because we can relate to them as they are the same gender as us. It is the same case for people of the same ancestry, for example, African-American are much more likely to vote for an African-American politician for example.


In the United States, 79% of all vegans are women. There are a few reasons for this such as women being much more likely to care about the well-being of animals than men are. Due to this, they are far more likely to take up the sacrifice that is veganism in order to make at least a small difference in the lives if a few animals.

Apart from that according to some researchers, feminism and veganism go hand in hand and many women see going vegan as a way to exercise freedom and control over their lives. Which is key if they can’t necessarily do so in other areas. Moreover, women are naturally much smaller in size on average, so they require protein and calories in order to be healthy; they can easily get such nutrients from plant-based alternatives.


Females are on average much more compassionate than men, this will thus shape the way that they live their lives. According to scientists at the University of California, this may be due to higher levels of a hormone called oxytocin that is a key trigger for bonding and feeling close to a person or something.

Additionally, women have evolved differently to men in that they have ingrained feelings of compassion and an automatically emotional connection to their offspring which is a key attribute that helped humankind survive and advance to where we are now.

But it is not just as simple as women are naturally more compassionate, it is also about the difference between how men and women show their compassion. The way males show their compassion is by protecting and looking after their loved ones while women are more affectionate in their ways such as by nurturing and caring for their loved ones.

     Income Inequality.

The male and female view of the world also differed widely on the topic of income inequality. Men are far less likely to care about income inequality as much as women; in the United States for example 10% more men compared to women are likely to not see income inequality as a problem. This point is strongly related to the ‘compassion’ section discussed above.

Women are a lot likely to feel compassionate about people that they feel are being underpaid for their hard work or are not earning enough money in order to make a good living. This lack of compassion on the side of men may be what makes them more analytical and ruthless business people and politicians. But this is a complex business, constant rivalry and difficult management processes. Although we should of course keep in mind that this is just a generalization.

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