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Man Picked up for Soliciting Money in Ridgewood has active Arrest Warrant in New York City

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file photo by Boyd Loving
February 10,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Ridgewood Police report that on February 5, patrol units responded to 28 East Ridgewood Avenue on a report of a suspicious male party soliciting money. Upon arrival, patrol units located a male party matching the description and identified the party. The male party had an active warrant for arrest out of NYPD with full extradition. The warrant was confirmed and the 30-year-old male from Paterson, N.J. was arrested at the scene and transported to Ridgewood Police headquarters for processing. The arrestee was then transported to the Bergen County Jail pending his extradition to New York.

5 thoughts on “Man Picked up for Soliciting Money in Ridgewood has active Arrest Warrant in New York City

  1. putting up a mega garage will stop this kind of criminal activity….

  2. Give it a rest 12:39…its blockheads like you, so incredibly would up in your sheltered little world that keep this town from progressing into the future. Don’t you have a slot over at the Cupola? Time to exercise your option. Leave this to the professionals.

  3. Cudos to the RPD. They do an incredibly good job keeping all of us safe. They, along with the RFD are among the best of the best.

  4. The truth hit a nerve 2:18?

  5. 218… how dare you disparage those who hate progress… and yes, white 327…we all want Eisenhower back as president, 38 cent a gallon gas while keeping “those people” at a distance if they’re not cleaning our house or mowing our lawn… I’m just SO gratified that white privilege is alive and well in our time warped “quaint village”… you may want to move to Mayfield or some other fictional town…

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