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Man who Spent 8 years Homeless, Gets Permanent Housing after help from NJ Transit Police and Charities⁣

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Newark NJ, about 8 months ago, NJ Transit Police Officer Pfeifer met Frank. Frank was homeless and accepted Pfeifer’s offer of assistance. For months, Crisis Outreach Officer Pfeifer worked to assist Frank. He linked him with vital services and helped him gather his essential documents. Importantly, Pfeifer helped Frank reactivate and extend a housing voucher. He also helped him find and apply for apartments. When an apartment was found, Project Kind helped to raise the additional funds needed for the security deposit. They also helped us provide Frank with food, clothing, and necessities for his new apartment! ⁣

Earlier this week, Frank was handed the key to his new apartment! Officer Pfeifer helped him setup utilities and Frank was linked with long term food assistance from St. James Social Services. Lastly, Pfeifer assisted Frank with moving in which included a fully packed patrol vehicle. Frank encouraged us to share his story and his, “New beginning”.⁣
New Jersey Transit Police Crisis Outreach Officers continue to offer help and hope to at-risk communities throughout the state. To find out more about Project Kind visit: ⁣

6 thoughts on “Man who Spent 8 years Homeless, Gets Permanent Housing after help from NJ Transit Police and Charities⁣

  1. What a beautiful soul the PO . We need more like him on the streets . May God bless the PO each and every day . He saved a life from the street

  2. AWESOME!!! So good to see people not judging the homeless. Most think they are drug addicts etc…..NOT TRUE. We all are a paycheck away from this happening to us and our families. I was in NC for 10 yrs….the area I was in there was someone on EVERY corner that had a lot of traffic asking for money.
    Seeing this….God guided me to a Meth church whom not only fed and clothed the poor . THERE WAS NO JUDGEMENT ALLOWED. I then began cooking for a very bad area, crack houses, heroin houses gun shots all the time. All of this made me want to help more. I cooked homemade meals 5 nights per week. Those beautiful people have NO idea how much they helped me.
    I miss all of them and volunteering.

  3. So beautiful. God 🙌 bless

  4. The Ridgewood Liberals should follow suit and open their homes to the homeless.
    These Socialists should (and NEVER WILL) put their money (and their houses) where their mouth is…

  5. To “A Concerned Citizen” –
    What was the name of that NC Meth church that helped the homeless?

    I know people in NC who might want to lend a hand.

  6. To “A Concerned Citizen” –

    What is the name of that church?

    …Oh, I get it.

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