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Mary Jo Guinchard to Take on “Human Fundraising Machine” Josh Gottheimer in the Fifth District

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Mary Jo-Ann Guinchard released the following statement on her candidacy for Congress in the Fifth Congressional District:

Our way of life and the promise of a brighter future for our children and grandchildren are more endangered now than at any time since the Civil War.  Open borders, unmanageable debt, and crippling inflation are undermining the strength of our country and threatening our stability as the preeminent world power.

Josh Gottheimer has proven he’s the best fundraiser in the entire Congress, but while he hob-knobs with lobbyists, special interests and political donors, he’s lost touch with us.  He’s promoted uncontrolled immigration, hundreds of billions of dollars for Ukraine, and every single spending bill he can get his hands on.

Josh simply isn’t up to the job of representing us properly, because he isn’t one of us.

I understand the problems American families are facing culturally and economically.  Like the people of North Jersey, I stock my own refrigerator, wince at rising gas prices, and worry what my grandchildren will be taught in school.

I look forward to drawing a sharp contrast between Josh’s record as the ‘human fundraising machine’ and my prosperous vision for America and American families.


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7 thoughts on “Mary Jo Guinchard to Take on “Human Fundraising Machine” Josh Gottheimer in the Fifth District

  1. Joshie has a war chest…

  2. He has been hanging out with Paul Vagianos too much. Take your gyro and go home. Let’s put a women in that role and see how she does.

  3. She’ll get curbstomped like her loser husband did.

    1. Obviously you don’t know either of them.

  4. I have interacted with her husband during school elections and have watched some of her videos and heard about her work in Tuxedo Park as a mayor.
    She is a very good candidate. She will fight to bring the money back to Bergen county.

  5. Good for Peggy and Joe! They are voices of reason and incredibly well-qualified.

  6. Mary Jo is a great candidate. She ran a wonderful campaign for Commissioner and will do the same for the Congressional seat in our 5th District.
    We hope she wins – Gottheimer has Got to Go.

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