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Massive School Bond Initiative Fails


the staff of the Ridgewood blog 

Cherry Hill NJ, In a victory for common sense and fiscal prudence on Tuesday, December 11th, voters in Cherry Hill, Manalapan, Englishtown, Plumsted, Ringwood and Wanaque voted down $257.2 million in new spending for the four school districts representing those towns.

In Princeton, the measure to spend $27 million did pass a greatly reduced amount from the $130 million originally sought .

Perhaps New Jersey Voters and Taxpayers are starting to wake up? 

3 thoughts on “Massive School Bond Initiative Fails

  1. Not waking up in Ridgewood, they’re not. The mommy’s just think the more of other people’s money you throw at the problem, the better. Well guess what mommy’s, junior can’t get in to an Ivy League school anymore from Ridgewood High School. It used to be ranked amongst the top public high schools in the country…. now it’s not even top twenty in the state. Not getting your money’s worth for $110 million, and too many tenured teachers don’t even care.

  2. Never happening in Ridgewood.
    we are too rich and too stupid.

  3. Lots of tenured teachers just biding their time to collect their pensions complaining all the time that they are underpaid. Sick of it and the NJEA.

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