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>Master Plan – Parks, Fields, Facilities & Recreation – Presentation 10/15

>The Village of Ridgewood and Board of Education, having retained the service of Schoor DePalma of Manalapan, NJ, invite public participation as the official presentation of the Master Plan is made on October 15, 2007.

The development of such a plan is to evaluate all parks, fields, and facilities and attain a ten year projection on their needs. Also included, but not limited to, is the evaluation of recreational programs, and staffing levels.

A series of meetings led by Eric Mattes, Project Manager, included select target groups for their input and assistance in gathering necessary information. They included the Board of Education and its professional staff (Athletic Director, principals, Director of Health and Wellness, BOE Facilities Committee), Village Mayor and Council, Village Manager, Village Engineer, Police Chief, Police Youth Officer, and the Department of Parks and Recreation. Groups also targeted included the Village Planning Board, Village Parks, Recreation, and Conservation Board, Village Open Space, and representatives of Youth Sport Associations, Sports Council, Fields Committee, Community School, and YM-YWCA. In addition, a special public meeting was held November 29, 2006 for resident input.

As public participation is vital to the project, please make every effort to attend this most important meeting; Monday, October 15th, 2007, 7:30 p.m. in the 4th floor courtroom of Village Hall, 131 North Maple Avenue.


11 thoughts on “>Master Plan – Parks, Fields, Facilities & Recreation – Presentation 10/15

  1. >Oh boy…this ought to be entertaining.

    $27 million for the entire project but you know the soccer and lacrosse zealots will teh first to line up at the trough.

    Can’t wait for the Soccer Dad to throw in his 2 cents about Fido’s poops.

    Look out residents….we’re gonna beat obesity one corner kick at a time.

  2. >Still picking those splinters from the bench out of your behind? Way to be relevant for the future.

  3. >I hope the master plan includes, eh… toilets.

  4. >i like to see the real master plan

  5. >No kid in Ridgewood is going to the Olympics or is going to play major league sports. Less than one percent will play college sports. So, no matter how much money we spend turning nature into plastic or how much money we spend on “personal” coaches for our kids, these issues are all about the parents and the coaches and not about the kids.

  6. >yes that is so true some of the parents are pushing kids today what happend to hanging with your palls is that adream plant grass or put sod in

  7. >You’re right. Maybe they can all hang with their pals behind Starbucks? I’m sure your disinterested sloth of a kid can get them a good deal on some coke.

    I’m my daughter’s “personal coach” in that I push her to study for school, participate in activities, and to avoid the kids whose families have ZERO idea as to what their teens are doing when they wander out of the house each evening.

    Not searching for a scholarship. My daughter wont play pro sports. Just teaching a real-world lesson: Work hard and make your own way. Not everyone has a trust fund in Ridgewood.

    You dont hold your kid to the same standard? Thats your business. Dont dummy-down the world to make yourself feel better.

  8. >These are really depressing to read. Can you all really be that out of touch with reality? Your defeatist attutude is pathetic. We should be building “character” in our children, encouraging them to be well rounded in every facet of their lives. They don’t have to be star athletes. But, they should be encouraged to challenge themselves intellectually and physically. They should be respectful of others (al lesson that many of you failed to learn) and should learn a sense of responsibility to others.

    Oh by the way 5:50, I can think of at least six Ridgewood resident who are or used to be professional athletes and many more who are collegiate All-Americans.

    But what does all your negativity toward sports have to do with preserving Ridgewood’s limited passive and active recreation space and maximizing its efficiency for the future, which is the objective of the Master Plan?

  9. >The Master plan is not about fake or real grass. It is about preserving places like Grove Park, making the layout of the facilities at Vets as efficient as possible, ensuring that our youth sports have consistent access to high quality fields, suggesting the most fiscally responsible way to balance our passive and active NEEDS within a pastoral village setting. It has to do with indoor gyms, outdoor basketball courts, fields, pools, walking paths, streams and playgrounds alike.

    The plan is not going to please everyone. But, if we all view it with open minds, we might just find enough in it to like that we we can agree to live with its recommendations.

    Please stop trying to characterize the Master Plan as a “we vs. they” proposal. We are all in this together and should be willing to find reasonable compromises along the way.

  10. ><1% = 6

  11. >”Public participation is vital to the project”? WHAt PUBLIC participation? After listening to opening statements 15 -20 minutes, listening to the consultants review of projects 45 minutes, then listening 50 minutes or so to council’s and Board members questions and comments, directed to the consultant and answered, which many spoke and hashed over several times over,THEY had many questions. It was as if the public wasn’t even visable to them, Finally, the last half hour the public audience were cued to the microphone for comments, and told to keep comments to 3 minutes each. How can one possibly say, give input or questions in 3 minutes? They themselves didn’t. Did they REALLy Want PUBLIC input? Doubt it Very Much! The next draft to come out around December. We’ll see.

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