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Mayor Eric Adams Proposes Illegal Immigrants as Solution to NYC Lifeguard Shortage

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

New York NY, New York City Mayor Eric Adams has suggested an innovative solution to the city’s ongoing lifeguard shortage: hiring (illegal)immigrants. “They’re excellent swimmers,” he stated during a City Hall briefing on Tuesday.

The comment came in response to a question about the staffing challenges at New York City’s beaches and pools, which have faced increasing difficulties in recent years, particularly as the summer season approaches with Memorial Day on the horizon.

Mayor Adams elaborated on the issue, emphasizing that the city’s lifeguard shortage could be alleviated if migrant work visas were expedited for positions that need to be filled urgently.

“How do we have a large body of people in our city, our country, who are excellent swimmers, and at the same time, we need lifeguards — and the only obstacle is that we won’t give them the right to work to become a lifeguard?” the mayor questioned. “That just doesn’t make sense.”

Adams’ proposal highlights a potential win-win situation: addressing the city’s need for qualified lifeguards while providing employment opportunities for migrants. By expediting work visas for migrants, New York City could effectively manage its lifeguard staffing issues and ensure safer beaches and pools for all residents and visitors.

As the summer season approaches, the city will need to act swiftly to ensure that its recreational areas are adequately staffed. Mayor Adams’ suggestion could pave the way for innovative solutions to workforce shortages while promoting inclusivity and providing much-needed job opportunities for migrants.

Nay , I pass and stick with Graydon.

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17 thoughts on “Mayor Eric Adams Proposes Illegal Immigrants as Solution to NYC Lifeguard Shortage

  1. Dumb as a stump.

    1. Another successful DEI hire.

  2. comical

  3. “They’re excellent swimmers?” So he just called illegal immigrants wetbacks? His popularity in this town is about to skyrocket.

  4. Imagine if a white republican made the statement about ‘they are good swimmers’.

    1. Racism is good, encouraged, supported and ignored if it is said by anyone with a “D” next to their name.

  5. I understood that Lifeguards had to pass extensive tests and training in order to be hired. How is he going to arrange for that? Just let people drown?

  6. People vote for their own demise.

  7. Five great Mayoral terms with Rudy and Mike. The downside of those 20 years of low crime and financial prosperity, is that it all seems so normal. Any idiot can do it, right? The problem is, NYC voters don’t understand that moving things back to leftist/woke administrations turned that gleaming diamond into shitsville.

    1. Post of the day !

  8. Just amazing how he is in charge of nyc

    1. Yup…and a another nitwit is in charge of Chicago !

  9. Speaking of dumb, is it true the lastest bus admin for our schools was just fired? Where does cottage pl find these ppl. I mean she is no loss to the district but can’t they find anyone whose competent

  10. First of all, imagine being offended because someone said you were, or belonged to a group deemed to be, good swimmers. I bet not a single (illegal) immigrant was or would be the least bit offended. The only people taking offense are the professional wranglers.

    Second, Adams is like a turtle on a fence post. It didn’t get up there by itself.

    Lastly, for a laugh you should read the NYT’s damage control piece:

    “But Marvin Carbajal, a New York City physical education teacher and the head coach for the boys’ swimming team at Bushwick Campus, said there was a germ of truth behind the mayor’s comment. He said he knew of at least seven students on the swim team who could have become city lifeguards, were they not undocumented.”

    I wonder if any of the Times’ ideological foes have ever been acknowledged, in the very least, for a meager germ of truth?

  11. I can’t even anymore! Let’s give all the illegal aliens, jobs, places to live, money, health care. Why would they become official citizens? Answer: they won’t bother. Sickens me this whole border and illegal we are going through

  12. He’s black so he can say whatever he wants. Years ago, “Jimmy the greek’ Snyder was fired by CBS for making comments suggesting that prior slavery practices had led blacks to become superior athletes.

  13. What Mayor Adams said is not even logical from a safety perspective and it is a real concern when people in power lack solid judgement that can affect others whether mentally or physically. A local example would be the display of behavior and commentary from one of Ridgewood’s very own council woman who said something along the lines that she was in charge of disable persons in the village and during a VC work session, made a remark that 25% of the community of Ridgewood CANNOT WALK. I am sure she didn’t mean for either of these comments to be delivered in the way in which they were, in public no less, but thinking before you speak is an actual thing.

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