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Mayor Knudsen Asks “does a business belong in the middle of a park” ?

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Ridgewood NJ, In the article on the front page of The Ridgewood News in quotes it states “this partnership has exceeded all expectations & proven to be a mutually beneficial to all”.   How?  It has always been called a partnership but the first few years NO profits from Healthbarn went to the village.   Healthbarn kept 100% all while the village advertises it on its parks & rec website.  The only classes today that are partnership are the few offered on one day off school holidays.

At the council meeting Stacey Antine called in & was blatantly rude to Mayor Knudsen when Mayor Knudsen was talking about Healthbarns adult gatherings & how they served wine.  Stacey feels wine falls under “nutritional”  since when do dietitians call wine nutritional?  Also its a problem since no where in the lease it states that the gatehouse can even serve alcohol.  The village continues to have a blind eye to what goes on at the gatehouse, which is troubling for the residents.

This has never been about Healthbarn USA or Stacey Antine its about what Mayor Knudsen said “does a business belong in the middle of a park”.  This is a very active park with sports practices, baseball (3 seasons), soccer which seems like year around because its going on now in the park & a variety of younger kid clinics during the year.  On top of it we have a very busy for profit business going on 6 days a week.

It’s easy to have residents sign a petition saying they want the business to stay most associate it with Feed the Front Lines & other charity work Healthbarn Foundation has done which isn’t part of this discussion since the Foundation is headquartered in Lyndhurst.  It’s about a very busy business being in an already active park!!!!   Ask yourself would you like to hear beeping from school buses backing up trying to enter the parking lot, staff yelling at the kids, cars parking up the street because the lot is full from a private birthday party the list goes on.  Andover residents having to see school buses parking in the lot year around & stadium lights on till at least 10pm every night (no other neighborhood park has that) all because of a for profit business.  So don’t sign a petition because you like Stacey do it or not because you fully understand the impact it has on the residents living near it everyday & ask yourself would I like your quality of life to change because of a business?

Healthbarn USA can operate someplace else & continue to be successful.  Why should neighbors have to move just to have a quality of life they deserve.

20 thoughts on “Mayor Knudsen Asks “does a business belong in the middle of a park” ?

  1. NO a business does not belong in a park

  2. Pre-covid there were 1-3 buses a day spring, summer and fall. Occasionally in the winter NO I wouldn’t want that

  3. I would love to sell hotdogs in the park.

  4. Miss Mayor, there’s more to worry about than that. Time to get involved with the employees of the Village of Ridgewood. Time for a sit down. You need to know what’s going on. You are the boss At the end of the day. Many things going on that are being swept under the rug. No more. No more. It’s 2021 we all know you spend a lot of time in Village Hall We are sure you hear things . It’s time to make rounds through all departments and talk to all employees, not the management.

  5. I agree totally with the post about village hall. We need to start high I.e. Bigios and the engineer and help weeding out. But always start at the top and the highest salaries

  6. Some dirty business going on. And they think the public is Stupid. We see what’s going on. We are the ones paying the taxes. There’s a little dirty click going on , Sneaky, and talk about hypocrites.

  7. And that dirty clique is fighting to keep a business that does not benefit the town at all but it does take from tax payers and neighbors

  8. WWRD – what would Ramon do ?

  9. He would accept a cucumber and turn on the tax payers who voted him in. Let’s hope the council stays focused and does what is right for the town and not be bullied by a petition or people who do not know the difference between the business and the foundation. Anyone can sign a petition means nothing

  10. Members of the council and Mayor.
    Just Wondering if the village owns a street sweeper anymore. Reason being my family and I went Into the CBD to have lunch. And then we went for a nice walk and we all noticed the streets are very filthy with Litter, just wondering what’s going on.Because we haven’t seen this before. It’s starting to look like New York City. Well anyway hopefully this will be addressed.
    Thank you .
    Yours truly village resident .

  11. Yes I noticed the roads are dirty. What’s going on, years ago the roads were clean. Services are not looking good. Who’s in charge. Not good.

    The top brass need to address this.

  12. Healthbarn should never have been given that lease. If anyone other than Roberta Sonenfeld had been Village Manager at the time, it would not have happened. As soon as it is legal they should be bidden farewell and the house never again leased to a business. Shameful stuff and much sympathy to the long-suffering neighbors.

  13. Let’s hope the mayor and council can get The Parks Dept to pick up these Christmas trees before it snows. I can’t stand when my tree gets stuck in the snow. And then they pick it up in April. They are very lucky that they have the weather on their side. I reside in Lincoln Avenue section. Plenty of trees out already.

  14. Yes so very true it’s not snowing let’s get these Christmas trees up . Let’s take a vantage of this warm weather this week. So many of my neighbors are out cleaning up their lawns. Hey why notThere’s no snow to shovel.
    40° all week.

  15. What we find amazing is the village is having troubles just doing their normal seasonal duties, with abnormal warm temperatures this winter government agencies need to take a vantage of it. What would happen if we got a 30+ inch blizzard snowstorm that we received in 1996. How can the village handle a crisis like that with employee’s dwindling in departments.

  16. yes yes and yes yes to No business in a park. yes to Parks and rec suck at their job AKA Nancy Bigios. And yes the village has enough on its plate too waste time being a land lord to the gate house and supervise the director of parks and rec and the tenant who takes advantage and brings NO income into the town

  17. Wow, what we do know is that home is becoming a money pit. And yet the barns are still not fully repaired which they promised. What are they waiting for a tree to fall down on top of them so they don’t have to replace them or repair them. This town is a joke, we are all sick of that nonsense. It’s one story after the other.

  18. We have a feeling that 2021 is going to be very interesting.

  19. Agee with most comments with private business in our parks. But it’s nice to work from home during Covid. Perhaps some gratitude for our employees showing up to work everyday? Probably too much to ask as you pay taxes! Like we all don’t…Get over your entitlement issues. It’s ruff times for all.

  20. Get the business out of a park let the park be a park and let the owner of the business work from home like the rest of us or down town. That park is very needed during these times. Don’t give it to a business

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