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Mayor Paul Vagianos – “I understand”

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the staff of The Ridgewood Blog

Ridgewood NJ, Mayor Paul Vagianos’ final public response after Councilwoman Lorraine Reynolds expressed her displeasure at being deliberately kept in the dark about plans to replace Village Manager Heather Mailander.

We suggest the only thing Mayor Vagianos understood at that moment was he did not anticipate his actions would lead to public embarrassment & humiliation. Even his flashy suspenders did not prevent him from being caught with his pants down.

Mr. Mayor, we now understand too – You are never to be trusted.


18 thoughts on “Mayor Paul Vagianos – “I understand”

  1. Best part of the mtg. Just priceless

  2. Vapid and vacuous

  3. In my opinion, Paul Vagianos is doing the bidding of CBD developers and for increasing profits for his own restaurant It’s Greek to Me and the several other CBD properties he owns.
    Evan Weitz, Siobhan Winograd and Pam Perron are just puppies of Paul Vagianos and the other CBD developers who are their financers.

  4. What does he understand ? That he circumnavigated the governmental process? That he excluded Councilwoman Reynolds? That he violated the Open Public Meetings Act?

    1. He understands he got caught red-handed. He understands Lorraine very politely just ripped him to shreds and set up a lawsuit.

      1. He understands that it does not matter to him and there will be no consequences to his actions.
        He will continue doing what he has always done…

        1. Yep zero accountability like every democrat in office

  5. And like the past our council is not playing by the rules…the question is “ will anything be done about it”. From past history the answer is NO. They need to be held accountable !

  6. This was the best comment EVER at a Village Council meeting IMHO and I’ve been watching a long time.

  7. I couldn’t believe my ears when he said that. It didn’t mean anything and was dismissive of an important complaint by Councilwoman Reynolds. Probably he was controlling his ire at being outed publicly for acting illegally. He underestimated her, as usual. Go Lorraine! And thank you for calling him out.

  8. I love the dirty politics in the village. This is nothing now the only differences it’s not being swept under the carpet people are talking.

  9. Does he? Understand? What he did?!

    1. Absolute clown.

  10. He was squirming and fidgeting as Lorraine calmly exposed his filth

  11. Hoping those suspenders will hold his pants up
    Be d as use he for sure Sh— in them when she did this

  12. You know what, some on the streets say let him run with it. He will push out all the bad
    Trouble makers. Remember ridgewood policy sucks. We need a change.

  13. He realized he was caught red-handed. In order to discus the performance of any employee, said employee needs to be RICE noticed. This gives the employee the option of having the discussion in private with the full council or in public. 99 percent of the time that employee being RICE noticed will chose to have that discussion in closed session.
    In this case Paul and Pam told Heather to bounce. They absolutely informed their puppets Even and the blonde twit. They then executed their shady plan without ever even notifying Councilwoman Reynolds. Heather should sue the Village all day long because she was wronged, and the firing was so incredibly mishandled by our do-nothing lazy, narcissist of a mayor that she has an iron-clad case.

  14. Pay back. You never know who knows the mayor. (Right)
    You remember that one. ?

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