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Medevac Helicopter Transports Patients to Valley Hospital in Ridgewood

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photo courtesy of Ridgewood EMS

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Ridgewood Emergency Services was requested to provide emergency assistance with a medevac landing on Veteran’s Field for a critical care transport to The Valley Hospital. With the assistance of the Ridgewood Fire Department and Ridgewood Police Department, RES cleared the field and provided support for the medevac operations. Ridgewood Ambulance 10 transport for the patient and critical care team to The Valley Hospital was provided by Ambulance 10.

7 thoughts on “Medevac Helicopter Transports Patients to Valley Hospital in Ridgewood

  1. The Valley Hospital continues to use taxpayer land in Ridgewood as if it was their private heliport. This has got to stop!

  2. How much does this cost mom we do this. I know it’s an emergency and is a great thing to have her just like to know how much it would cost.

  3. And as soon as valley submits an application for a helipad you’ll be the first on line freaking out.
    Their using the field to save a life you asshole.

  4. People,

    Imagine it was your mother, father, son or daughter on that chopper. Are you going to say “no, don’t land here! Take the patient to New York City and risk having him/her *die* enroute”?

    I didn’t think so. You’re going to say “land on the roof of the fucking hospital, and do it right now!”

    You’re all morons!

  5. Asking how much something costs is not the same as saying it shouldn’t happen.

  6. Uh, yea it is.
    That’s called classic liberal double talk.
    Wtf would you ask how much in the first place ?

  7. When Valley Hospital was asking to build here, the residents were screaming their asses off asking them not to build a helioport on their land at North Van Dien.
    Ridgewood residents didn’t want the noise or sight of or whatever right on hospital land and in their neighborhood.
    Is Valley on North Van Dien equipped for a helicopter to land on their roof. I would bet not, otherwise they would land one there. Last night Boyd Loving said the helicopter landings on Vets Field are not an emergency; he said it is pure convenience for that patient to be transported to or from Valley Hospital. (Listen on Village Website if you do not believe me). My question: how does he know a particular landing on Vets Field is NOT an emergency. Was he there? Did he ask?
    My next question is how long has this been going on? For as long as Valley has been in existence, or for 30 years or how long? How often do they land helicopters on Vets Field. How often do kids have to clear the field. Every week, every month, once a year, once every few years. I have been walking around Vets Field for years. Never saw helicopter. My guess is not very often. Valley is going to move soon. Pick another battle. Yes, I do pay taxes here. Pick the battle of tearing away the islands at the train station for more cars and concrete. Oh, yes, that envisioning Ridgewood for the future stuff. Shit, I loved Ridgewood much better many years ago when I moved here. Would like to keep it the same. Hate the idea of parking garage, multifamily housing to make CBD crowded and polluted; hate Schedler development. Hate the extra developments in other places too like the B-Good and Starbucks and those stores on RT 17, etc.

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