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Miami Launches ‘MiamiCoin’ to Fund the Police

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Miami FL, the City of Miami has launched its own cryptocurrency called MiamiCoin. Revenue from the coin will be diverted to the city treasury. Mining the coin is less energy-intensive and less difficult than mining Bitcoin or Ethereum.iami Mayor Francis Suarez recently announced that the city of Miami will launch its own cryptocurrency called MiamiCoin (MIA). Starting this week, MiamiCoin mining is ready to be activated. Traders can trade, buy or sell the coin on California-based crypto exchange Okcoin, according to CityCoins.  The Miami government will have its own wallet and a portion of the coins mined will end up in that wallet to be used to improve the city. Speculators can purchase the coin on exchanges, which will ideally raise the value of the coin. The project aims to incentivize stakeholders to participate in the city’s success. The Village of Ridgewood should give this a thought to fund the Hudson Garage .


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  1. People are still wearing jackets with collarless T-shirts!

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