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Midland Park Gym Owner Charged with Stealing from Clients Cars

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Midland Park NJ, on Tuesday, a Midland Park gym owner was arrested and charged with stealing items from gym members.

According to Midland Park police Chief Michael Powderley , Gregory Baiunco, who owns HitZone on Central Avenue, is facing four counts of theft and burglary after he allegedly went into clients’ cars while they were training.

Midland Park Police began an investigation of the matter after gym clients presented the department with video footage. The footage, appears to show Baiunco instructing clients to run up a hill adjacent to the gym before opening the vehicles and looking around inside.

Subsequent video footage taken inside the car shows Baiunco allegedly looking through the vehicle. It is not clear from the videos what was taken, if anything, from the car.

Chief Powderley said further charges could be filed if more patrons come forward. Baiunco was released from custody pending a first court appearance scheduled for Feb. 24.

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8 thoughts on “Midland Park Gym Owner Charged with Stealing from Clients Cars

  1. what a D bag

  2. Scumbag

  3. It’s amazing how the story is on every news channel . And yet so many other things that happen is kept a hush hush. This guy just buried himself and his business, if he lives in town, he better move. Because no one’s ever going to trust him ever again. Did you give him community service in the town picking up litter .what a dummy.

  4. He’s on the Midland Park Recreation Board as well.

    Remind you of any shady business owners who are on local Chambers of Commerce and in Local Government???

  5. He probably has a motorhome or a boat sitting on his front lawn too.

  6. That little town has changed dramatically in the past few years, remember when are used to be real quiet. Not anymore, drive-through‘s, CVS, drive-through, Dunkin’ Donuts, drive-through, Starbucks, drive-through, Wendy’s, drive-through, Burger King, starting to look like a fairlawn. And with all the traffic.

  7. Yes, definitely give him community service, walk all streets, and pick up litter.

  8. I know what was done was wrong but did you ever think of murderer set free?;there are cop killer s free!! Tell the Lodi police about Trantino if you know who that is. There’s no fairness in the justice system. Don’t worry about theft. Worry about free murderers anonymous

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