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Monday watering banned all summer in Ridgewood


Monday watering banned all summer in Ridgewood
May 14.2013
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, The Village Council approved an ordinance last week that seeks to simplify the existing watering regulations, permitting usage based on home address numbers.

Basically the new change in the village’s summer water restriction rules means residents will not be able to water their lawns on Mondays this summer at all.

The current regulation dictates that during declared emergency Stages I to III, homes and businesses with even-numbered addresses can water on even-numbered days and odd-numbered addresses can water lawns on odd-numbered days.

Stage II or higher is declared, call for a ban on Monday watering .

The new ordinance that takes affect June 1, and will ban watering on Mondays. Stage I restrictions will remain active from June 1st through the end of August .

During Stages II and III restrictions, odd-numbered addresses will be able to water on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Even-numbered properties can water Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

Stage IV restrictions remain the same: with a total ban on all watering .

What remains unclear is weather schools , municipal buildings and large institutions like Valley Hospital will have to follow the same guidelines or will further reductions be needed to curtail their massive water use.

Critics of the change speculate and wonder what the impact on residential property values might be ? And continue to push for the sale of Ridgewood water which has become a significant liability on the town.

The village plans to conduct an educational campaign throughout the summer to alert residents to the change.

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17 thoughts on “Monday watering banned all summer in Ridgewood

  1. I was walking to the train last week in between thunderstorms. I passed a house with their sprinkler system running.

    What is wrong with people?

  2. Their lawn
    Their money
    Their water
    Their lives

    What is wrong with people who want to control how other people choose to spend their money and live their lives?

  3. Actually is my water. If the lazy new arrivals want to spend their money on a sprinkler system that overwhelms the water utility, then it becomes my business. Let them put in their own private wells. Ridgewood was ‘built out’ as of the 1950s. We never had this problem until the new lazy residents put in sprinkler systems.
    Its just typical of the ‘zero respect for others’ attitude they bring with them such as:
    My dog, behind its invisible fence, can bark all day long. I’ll pay attention to it at my convenience. Until then let it annoy the neighbors.
    My car will block W. RIdgewod ave in front of Ridge. I’m busy dropping off the kids, then will spend my time BSing with my friends who could care less who we inconvenience.
    Shall I add a few more?

    1. well put (no pun intended )

    2. I added 2bathrooms to my pre-1950 house. I also have ice makers, a dishwasher and a bar sink. I didn’t know that it hurt you.

    3. Actually it is NOT your water.

      Each resident pays for the water they purchase from RW Water and they can do with it as they please as long as they obey any “water related laws” such as water restrictions, etc.
      If they want to buy water and turn their sprinklers on in the rain, it is their right to do so.

      It is their water… not yours.

      Now as to your other comments:

      Your dog can only “bark all day long and annoy your neighbors” ONLY if that barking does not violate any “dog related laws”, such as noise ordinances, etc.
      If the barking violates the law, your dog must be quieted.
      If not, then you are free to be an inconsiderate neighbor – this is your right.

      Your car will not block Ridge if there is traffic or other “automobile related law” that prohibits this activity. If not, then you are free to stand and chat and be an inconsiderate neighbor.

      In short – you are free to waste your money buying water for a rainy day or be the biggest ass of a neighbor, as long as you are not breaking any laws.

      This is protected under your inalienable right of “pursuit of happiness”.


      1. But, No water Bills have gone out for past 2 quarters.

  4. So, what stage are we in now -stage 1? Can I water at will today?

  5. A lot of people in town are not too bright when it comes to there sprinkler systems, install a rain sensor water every other day is not that difficult.

  6. Forgot one strongly recommend that the village also tell the BOE ,they have a tendency of not paying attention to these regulations.

    1. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the BOE is exempt from all Village regulations.

  7. #5=foolish stupid comment. Do you thing your additional water fixtures use the same amount of water as a sprinkler system? Each fixture you named is insignificant. If your toilet is constantly running or you have to always flush it, either call a plumber or take some kapectate.

  8. And if Valley nearly doubles in size, will everybody’s shrubs and flowers have to wither so that the hospital can use all the water they want? What about the proposed apartments–residents, guests, lawns/shrubs/flowers? We simply cannot accommodate all that new activity. Let’s think proactively, not wait until it’s too late. How will Ridgewood look if the green goes away?

  9. #6 you sure sound like an ‘entitled’ arrogant schmuck. Just move here? Typical inconsiderate newbie.
    If you lived in my neighborhood your barking dog would be the subject of a complaint to the dog officer, who will assure it shuts up.
    If your larda$$ blocks the road in front of Ridge you will be ticketed.
    I am entitled to the ‘quiet enjoyment’ of my property without rude inconsiderate new residents such as yourself. That attitude of yours smells of south bergen or Brooklyn.

    1. I think you mean #3…

      FWIW, just because someone has a right to do something it does not mean that they should do it.

      Let’s not forget that in America (at least for the time being) you have the right to be an ass.

  10. Good point(s) #13. If there is an expansion of the Hospital that would require increased water flow, then it should be up to Valley to make a payment to upgrade the infrastructure of the water co.
    Same goes for the apartments. Just because there is 100 foot street frontage, same as for a home, doesnt mean you can connect a line for 150 units and demand service.
    If you want to install a new large gas appliance, such as a standby generator PSEG requires an ‘application for new service’. Sometimes the gas pressure is inadequate here in the Village for the larger units. If you need a bigger pipe and meter YOU pay.
    Same should apply for water utility customers.

  11. It’s Monday, June 24 and people are still watering lawns throughout Ridgewood and Glen Rock today regardless of the “Monday watering ban.”

    Here’s an idea: Program the Computer Aided Dispatch equipment at Northwest Bergen Central Dispatch reminding dispatchers at 90 minute intervals to broadcast messages to Ridgewood and Glen Rock radio motor patrol units each Monday to be on the lookout for lawn watering violators and to issue summonses.

    Central Dispatch touts their deployment of state of the art equipment; why not use it for something simple?

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