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Montclair Police Officer in Recovery After Being Shot

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Montclair NJ, Law enforcement officials reported that a police officer was shot following an incident at a residence in a tranquil New Jersey suburb on Monday.

The Essex County Prosecutor’s Office disclosed that police responded to a three-family dwelling on Forest Street in Montclair during the afternoon. According to a neighbor, a couple residing on the first floor recounted an altercation with their upstairs neighbor, who purportedly brandished a firearm.

Marilyn Sprague, a neighbor, recounted, “She told me that she came out with a shot gun saying this is her f—ing territory.”

Subsequently, a woman at the scene discharged a firearm, injuring one of the responding officers, as per the prosecutor’s office.

Sean Ruff, a retired Montclair police officer and another neighbor, recounted the chaotic scene, stating, “They screamed on the radio ‘Shots fired, officer down,’ and they were screaming [for] everybody to get off the streets. She was screaming something crazy, nobody could understand.”

In response, an officer retaliated by firing back at the assailant. An alert regarding the injured officer was received around 2:45 p.m. It remains unclear whether the injured officer was the one who returned fire or if it was another officer present at the scene.

Both the wounded officer and the shooter were transported to University Hospital in Newark, although their injuries were reported to be non-life-threatening, according to the prosecutor’s office.


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7 thoughts on “Montclair Police Officer in Recovery After Being Shot

  1. no picture of the woman shooter

    1. The assailant’s name is Maryann Swain. Do a Google image search. See if any of the faces look like the kind of face you’re looking for. Not foolproof, of course, but a good place to start in managing your expectations.

      The suspect is also a recent transplant from California and drives a Jeep. A shotgun was used in the shooting. These are details. Are these facts consistent with your expectations? Again, not conclusive, but if you’re going to make assumptions, at least make reasoned ones.

      1. All i need to do is read what she says. Attitudes abound. nuff said

        Read More: This is my ‘f—ing territory’ — Woman shoots Montclair, NJ cop |

  2. Because Boyd wasn’t there.

    1. Post of the day !

  3. I can’t find her picture….

    She’s convalescing at the same hospital as the cop that she shot. I didn’t think they did that…

  4. Funny how in such an otherwise thorough story there is no picture of the suspect. Maybe not so funny. If it doesn’t fit the narrative it is simply eliminated, I see it every day in the media. More diabolical than the usual biased reporting is NO coverage at all.

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