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Montvale Says ,”Enough is Enough” on “Affordable Housing” Obligations

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Montvale NJ, according to Mayor Mike Ghassali ,Montvale is ready to go to Federal Court and fight for the correct and fair due process. RFQ going out for a federal council.

In 1975, the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled that each municipality has a constitutional obligation to provide a realistic opportunity for the construction of their fair share of affordable housing. Over the years, the oversight of this process has taken several turns. Today, municipalities must go through a costly court process in order to be protected from further costly litigation known as builder’s remedy suits.

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Why should we build affordable housing units to cover for Jersey City, Hoboken and 60 other towns’ obligations?

We have a number of towns already committed to joining us and more in discussion with, as far as central and south Jersey.

Ghassali said in a Facebook post , “We are creating a coalition of 62 towns that have affordable housing obligations. Each town would pay $10,000 this year and $10,000 next year, that’s $1.2 million to take our cause to federal court. Will keep you posted as I get more information. Enough is enough”

Any mayor/council member seeing this post and interested in joining us, email me at

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7 thoughts on “Montvale Says ,”Enough is Enough” on “Affordable Housing” Obligations

  1. Places like Jersey City, Montclair, Nutley are not affordable at all so why do they get away with affordable housing?

  2. Let’s face it, the entire state of NJ is unaffordable at this point!

  3. I wish Twp of Washington (Bergen) joins your team! Do they have the guts or just raise taxes like they always do.

  4. Same as Minimum Wage. Affordable Housing is another failed method by which the Left try and bring equality through manipulating market conditions.

  5. That’s not how it works…the target is 10%.

    Montvale mayor blowing smoke.

  6. Just remember.


    Ridgewood is now the CASH COW Pushover town.

    Squeeze the placid residents for all they are worth and DO NOT defend or support them.

    1. Correct.

      Chop it up and sell it off piece by piece.

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