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More Bike Lanes in the Village of Ridgewood’s Future?

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photos courtesy of Village Manager Keith Kazmark

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, at Wednesday evenings ,according to Village Manager Keith Kazmark , Village Council heard a thoughtful and comprehensive presentation from three Ridgewood High School students – Mariah Riedel, Emily Schaefenberg and Zoe Baker, all of who are all taking the AP Environmental Science course this year. They made a strong case for increasing bike lanes in the Village to help promote sustainability, health and wellness and active recreation. The Village Council supported their proposals will formally vote to adopt the plan in June.

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14 thoughts on “More Bike Lanes in the Village of Ridgewood’s Future?

  1. This is a terrible idea.

    1. That is a guarantee that the morons running Ridgewood will do it.

    2. EVERYONE involved in adding Bike lanes SHOULD BE FORCED to park their SUVs and only ride bicycles AT LEAST 4 Days a week.

  2. This is what happens when you offer stupid courses like AP Environmental Science. A bunch of busy bodies in training start throwing around meaningless buzz words like sustainability, health and wellness. The people that bike are already biking. Merely installing bike lanes will not increase the amount of people biking. And have they even finished building those sidewalks to nowhere?

    1. Are they EVER going to cut the grass they planted with the sidewalk to nowhere on S Hill / Glen by Heights?

      1. No, because that’s your job.

        1. nope

  3. Excellent. Making our village more pedestrian and bike friendly will increase the Village’s attractiveness, and ultimately, our property values. Wonderful to see the Village committed to this type of investment.

    1. the local jester has been heard from….

  4. The one bike lane they do is never/rarely used. Too dangerous

  5. NO!!!! The one that Aronsohn pushed through has tortured West Siders ever since. It has unquestionably been a total disaster from day one, which was a looong time ago.

    Just because a few well-meaning people suggest something doesn’t make it a good idea. It is not.

    We can barely absorb more apartments and more residents and more cars. We need more car lanes, not fewer. If you want to ride a bike, there are plenty of places for that.


  6. Let them try it, you never now and may be good for a few streets like main roads

  7. I hate the Bike Lane to Nowhere and fought Roberta and the 3 Amigos over it. –BUT– If we really want bike lanes, remove one side of street parking through the CBD to make room. We have a mostly empty garage now, so we clearly have all the parking we need, so go to the full bike lane plan through the CBD and wipe out one side of parking from Broad to S. Irving. Turn the Bike Lane to Nowhere into a real plan or wipe them all out completely.

  8. Almost every other day there is the report of a car accident in town. Cars crashing into trees, homes, storefronts etc. no way would I use the bike lane. Too many cars and congestion

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