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More expected to flee New Jersey as baby boomers age


More expected to flee New Jersey as baby boomers age

For Raymond Francisco, landing a job at the General Motors auto plant in Linden at 25 years old was like winning the lottery.

The New Brunswick native was a welder by trade, and enjoyed working hard for the good money he made at the plant. But when GM announced in 2002 it would close the factory — about six years after he started — Francisco decided he had to go where the jobs were.

That meant packing up his wife, two small children and moving to Lordstown, Ohio, where GM offered him another job at an assembly plant.

People are leaving New Jersey at a higher rate than 47 other states, just behind New York, which is No. 1, and Illinois, according to James Hughes, a demographer and dean of the Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy at Rutgers University, New Brunswick. (Kachmar/Asbury Park Press)

5 thoughts on “More expected to flee New Jersey as baby boomers age

  1. For me it is estate taxes and cold weather.

  2. With few exceptions, we are here only because of access to well-paid jobs and better than average schools for our kids. Once the kids move out and the retirement finish-line is reached, there’s no reason to stay. At that point, the motivation becomes one of wealth preservation. NJ and the tri-state area as a whole is the last place you want to be for that.

  3. I am with #1. Estate taxes are crazy, and that is on top of the property tax.

  4. 12F tonight.

    I am here for reasons stated by #2. Otherwise I would be long gone.

  5. There’s pleanty of well paying job elsewhere and that’s why I’m outta here…..later….,,

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