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More rumors surface about past incidents of Ridgewood Water dumping material at the old Habernickel Farm

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the staff of The Ridgewood Blog
Ridgewood NJ, a former Village of Ridgewood employee previously shared his/her recollections of Ridgewood Water having dumped materials on the Irene Habernickel Family Park property during the park’s initial construction phase. This dumping was said to have taken place on the property’s north side, on a slope overlooking the Ho-Ho-Kus Brook.

Now, another former employee has told us about a private swimming pool that existed when the property was acquired by the Village. The pool was reportedly filled in with material supplied by (you guessed it folks) Ridgewood Water.
Although no documents have yet to surface to support these “recollections,” The Ridgewood Blog believes that it might be prudent to order soil testing at Habernickel prior to the start of planned construction.
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9 thoughts on “More rumors surface about past incidents of Ridgewood Water dumping material at the old Habernickel Farm

  1. What do you think that’s the last location , oh we have many more locations for you to investigate. These are not rumors. These are facts. What do you think? The village is going to keep record of their legal dumping sites. Yeah OK it’s all upstairs and our brains. This is what happens when you don’t treat people right, especially For the ones that really know, we told you we know where the skeletons are and we know who put them there. The village better put a lot of money on the side for cleanup. they woke up to sleeping giant. More to come. Is going to be a long summer.

  2. Just remember, this information is all real. Nothing is made up. And guess what all the top officials knew exactly what was going on. They gave the OK, why because it was big savings and dumping fees. Remember there’s a right way in doing things, there’s a wrong way in doing things, and then there’s Ridgewood’s way, illegal dumping. they should’ve left us alone, but they had a screw with us. So now you’re gonna pay and you’re going to pay. West side of River Road site is just a beginning, can you imagine the meetings behind the curtain the stress, the arguing, pointing fingers, dirty, eyeballs, looking at each other, a few people are starting to boil over. Have you seen the condition of you gaining weight, Hair, turning gray real fast, losing hair, can’t sleep, drinking, oh yeah. Oh well, I think I’ll enjoy the sun today and have a nice cigar.

  3. What gives, Keith? Will you investigate? Will you question engineering-not just CR but the other people too like JM who had family members dumping at Schedler and perhaps elsewhere??? They know about all of the dumping. Please open a formal investigation into all of the soil and solid waste that may exist in parks where children play. Residents deserve answers!!

  4. Maybe spend the pavilion money and start cleaning up your act instead of making a bus stop for healthbarn

    Clean up the soil for all

  5. More sites to check.

  6. Something was dumped there for sure. Hahaha. And now soil?

  7. ☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️

    Check it out.

  8. They better test there is a business that deals with kids digging in the soil there.

  9. Rumors.

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