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Most Popular CompTIA Certification Courses for Building a Robust Career

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One of the best ways of going up your career ladder is by getting certified in specific fields. If you are hoping to be a computer professional working in areas such as systems administration, computer security, or even server environment, you would be having easy access to numerous certifications for demonstrating your expertise.

As per, the fast-paced ever-dynamic nature of technology and a sheer lack of adequate training resources could be regarded as the most vital factors leading to the IT skills gap. Here are some of the hot favorite certifications by CompTIA that would make you an amazing asset to whichever organization you join. Here are some of the top certifications from CompTIA.

CompTIA Security+ Certification

If you are looking for a solid career in the field of network security, it is a good idea to start your journey by opting for CompTIA Security + certification. Network Security is gaining traction by the day and has become an integral part of Information Technology. If you are successful in taking and even passing this vital certification it implies automatically that you are proficient in network security, infrastructure, organization security, and even access control. There seems to be a huge demand for IT Security Specialists simply because there is a constant rise in the threats to overall computer security in terms of severity and quantity. If you gain proficiency in networking security and networking, you would prove to be a wonderful asset to any organization that employs your services.

CompTIA A+ Certification

CompTIA A+ certification was launched in 1993. It is quite a prestigious one and is regarded as essential for laying the foundation for any career. Completion of this certification course indicates that you possess computer technician competency and proficiency. The A+ training would be covering numerous operating systems such as IBM, Apple, Novell, Microsoft etc.

This certification is globally acclaimed and acknowledged and even vendor-neutral. It proves that the certified person is proficient in areas such as installation, maintenance security, networking, and troubleshooting in a host of technologies and operating systems. 

CompTIA Network+ Certification

This is the most favorite and sought-after CompTIA certification that is great for entry-level IT specialists. This CompTIA Network + Certification is in major demand and would prove to be very important for professionals who have been aspiring to be a successful IT support person. This certification would be covering much well beyond fundamental networking skills. Once you complete the certification, you would enjoy massive confidence in maintenance, troubleshooting, managing, and installation and even successful configuration of fundamental network infrastructures.

CompTIA Server+ Certification

If you are thinking in terms of a dream career in IT server support, CompTIA could be the best place to initiate your campaign. The certification seems to be perfect for specifically system administrators it would be equipping you with exceptional technical skills and overall knowledge that is required for not just building but even maintaining and troubleshooting and supporting server hardware and software technologies.


Get yourself certified as per your aptitude to become an IT professional of the top order! CompTIA goes a long way to help you out in this respect.

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