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Multiple Unlocked Vehicles Entered Overnight and Robbed in Glen Rock

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Glen Rock NJ, according Glen Rock Police on Friday may 21st , Glen Rock Police Patrols were dispatched to five homes on Chadwick Place and Andover Terrace to investigate reports of multiple vehicles entered overnight. Investigation found that a total of six unlocked vehicles had been entered by unknown actor(s). Among the items stolen were wallets, cash, credit cards and personal ID. Detectives are currently investigating.

Motorists are reminded that it is never safe to leave your vehicle unlocked and unattended, even in your driveway at night. Never leave valuables, keys, or key fobs in your vehicles. Communities throughout North Jersey, including Glen Rock, have seen a steady increase in these types of incidents. Thieves are specifically targeting unlocked vehicles.

4 thoughts on “Multiple Unlocked Vehicles Entered Overnight and Robbed in Glen Rock

  1. Stupid people 🙄

  2. Defund Police…. Ha ha ha.

  3. Take your wallet inside? Lock your car? This is news? This is too hard?

    Biggest nightmare for wallet theft isn’t the paltry amount of cash in it, but the hassle of replacing driver’s license, credit cards, and more.

  4. Why do people do this?

    Oh Right…..

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