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Murphy Administration Raises Costs of Healthcare in New Jersey


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Trenton NJ, NJBIA Chief Government Affairs Officer Chrissy Buteas issued the following statement on today’s passage of bill S-2676/A-4389, which levies a 2.5% tax on health insurance plans, increasing costs for businesses and nonprofits.

“While we acknowledge and appreciate several amendments made to this legislation, ultimately this bill represents yet another cost to business at the worst possible time.

“New Jersey has seen its GDP contract more than the national average. Our unemployment is now the second highest in the nation. And many businesses that will be impacted by this new tax have already been greatly compromised by months of closure or having had limited capacity in their reopening.

“Raising taxes does not make healthcare more affordable. It’s unfortunate that our policymakers continue to seek ways to inflict financial pain on New Jersey employers as they struggle during these unprecedented challenges.”

4 thoughts on “Murphy Administration Raises Costs of Healthcare in New Jersey

  1. Again, our elected politicians pass a bill to increase taxes without us knowing about it………..typical NJ politics…………


  2. No one is going to retire in New Jersey anymore. It’s done, why would you

  3. Vote out the entitled murphy

    Can’t complain if you continue to elect these knuckleheads

  4. Public employee unions love Murph the Drunk. Remember he grew up poor and was cheated out of paychecks, yada, yada, yada. He now lives in a waterfront mansion in Middletown which is a long way from his back story. But we only hear about his tail of woah.

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