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Murphy Administration Totally Drops the Ball on Snow Emergency


the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, the intensity of yesterdays storm seemed to catch officials by surprise .  Both New Jersey and New York officials seemed totally unprepared .

As New Jersey found itself  barraged with snow on the roads, causing massive delays, angry commuters have been making their feelings towards the state’s storm response known on Facebook and Twitter, responding to Governor Murphy’s updates on his public pages.

NJ TRANSIT claimed they were ,” prepared to manage the first winter weather storm of the season that is forecasted to impact New Jersey today. NJ TRANSIT’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is open and monitoring the track of the winter weather and its potential effects on the Tri-State area. Additional personnel, including electricians, signal maintainers and station maintenance staff will remain on-call and available for rapid deployment to address any weather-related issues that may arise.”

But last nights commute would suggest anything but.

The governor’s “stay of the roads” response during the height of the commuter rush hour , was like throwing gasoline on a fire .

A quick glance at the hundreds of comments , some restrained, but many laced with profanity ,show the level of anger directed at the state over what they see as a lack of preparation , plowing, salting – for the storm and a slow response.


11 thoughts on “Murphy Administration Totally Drops the Ball on Snow Emergency

  1. Well looks like complaining about Trump does not get the snow plows out

  2. Murphy is a total failure , you get what you vote for sorry not sorry for commuters you voted for this idiot con artist

  3. I dont know who is a bigger incompetent bone head murphy ir deblasio ? Voters should be proud

  4. They will both blame trump and call for new taxes to fight global warming

  5. Snow tax next

  6. Why blame the politicians when the forecasters are all wrong.

  7. His hubris runeth over.

  8. At least Christie plowed the roads

  9. Snow tax coming

  10. I don’t get it – snow was predicted. we don’t live in florida and are completely unprepared. It is mid- November – something more could have been done. Even if it was to just let schools out early so less cars on the roads – some towns knew enough to do that early morning……….

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