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Murphy to Hold on to Governor’s Salary

trenton nj

January 19,2017
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Trenton NJ, Democrat Phil Murphy ,New Jersey’s new governor says he’ll be accepting the job’s $175,000-a-year salary. Murphy a multimillionaire and former Wall Street executive who earned his fortune working at Goldman Sachs , will not match what even the failed Democrat Jon Corzine did . Corzine also a wealthy alumni of Goldman Sachs took only a $1-per-year salary.

When asked the new Governor declined Wednesday to take further questions about his salary from the media . His 2016 taxes showed he earned a mere $4.6 million, mostly from interest and dividends.

3 thoughts on “Murphy to Hold on to Governor’s Salary

  1. So what.

    1. its your money , or should I say its your moms money ?

  2. regardless of his personal wealth he is entitled to the Governor’s salary. Put your head down and work harder on your own wealth and stop worrying about everyone else.

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