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Murphy’s Anti-police Agenda Threatens the Safety of New Jersey Communities

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Trenton NJ,  Jack Ciattarelli, the Republican nominee for New Jersey Governor, highlighted the rising crime and Phil Murphy’s anti-police agenda in a new digital advertisement.
“Murphy should be held fully accountable for his failure to lead while crime rates skyrocket in our communities,” said Ciattarelli. “His pathetic deflection of ‘blaming the heat and humidity’ is a complete embarrassment and insults the intelligence of New Jerseyans. People up and down this state are extremely concerned, longstanding family traditions are fading away, police recruitment is at an all-time low, and the only thing Murphy has to offer is his usual ‘thoughts and prayers’ from another heavily staged press conference. Enough is enough – it’s time for Murphy to go.”

This summer, crime is on the rise in New Jersey… but rather than work with law enforcement, Phil Murphy is searching for excuses. That’s because anything sounds better than the truth when it’s an election year.
But Phil Murphy’s anti-police agenda isn’t just hurting New Jersey, it’s hurting our police too. Making it harder for them to enforce our laws. Keep our families safe. And their own.
This summer, we deserve better, and so do our police. Tell Governor Murphy it’s not the heat… it’s him.

“Shore towns are suffering from a rise in crime and lawlessness, and there are zero solutions coming out of the Governor’s office,” said Point Pleasant Beach Mayor Paul Kanitra. “Our communities, our residents, and law-abiding visitors deserve someone who will work with us and local law enforcement to find solutions – yet heat and humidity is blamed for the chaos instead of those individuals who actually cause it. New Jersey needs a leader who will protect our communities and law enforcement officers, and Jack Ciattarelli is the only person for the job.”

“Governor Murphy continues to make excuses for his anti-police agenda, but New Jerseyans are not buying it,” added Sea Bright Borough Councilman Jeff Booker. “In word and action, the Murphy Administration has contributed to undermining law enforcement and rising crime is the result. People in suburban and urban communities are made to feel unsafe by the agenda of the Murphy Administration. Ciattarelli will ensure that all New Jerseyans, whether living in the city or suburbs, will feel safe again. New Jersey can do better, and when Jack Ciattarelli is governor, we will.”

7 thoughts on “Murphy’s Anti-police Agenda Threatens the Safety of New Jersey Communities

  1. The voters want law and order. See the recent results of the NYC Democratic primary.

  2. As a local taxpayer we feel that local police departments should not be sitting on state roads. That time could be used to be patrolling municipal Roads. It’s amazing you can Drive on route 17 to rt 208 And so On And see local cops sitting on Highways ,Why is this. We have county and state police to do that.

  3. It’s time for Murphy to go! Give our community back to the police!

  4. Vote out Murphy!

  5. – Your neighbors voted for these Anti-Police, Pro-BLM, Pro-Anti-Individual, Socialist politicians.
    – Your neighbors support the educational indoctrination and Racist propaganda being taught in schools.
    – Your neighbors support, Socialist, Racist, “woke” businesses.

    You get the country you deserve.

  6. Everything’s a mess. I’ll tell you one thing no wonder the cops are retiring as soon as they can can you blame them with all the shit that’s going on. Who cares how much you’re being paid and what kind of benefits you’re receiving they deserve it. Way too much responsibility now. God for bid you make one stupid move the last hour of your career you’re done.

  7. This mess is brought on by years of leftist indoctrination in our schools. These insanity of pushing plantation politics disguised as Socialism creating an elite class exempt from the crime, poverty, national socialist propaganda in the public schools and punishing law abiding citizens just for that being law abiding is ripping this country and our state to pieces we will become the Seattle, Portland or San Francisco of the East with chaos ruling.

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