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‘Murphy’s Law’

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By Mark Razzoli, Old Bridge Councilman

As the adage goes, if something can go wrong, it will; and in the worst possible way and at the worst possible time. It will cause the most damage at the most expense.

If this isn’t a cause for New Jerseyans to stop and say “WTF?” nothing is; especially with the real Murphy and his made-up laws in place. Murphy and his law have no plan for economic recovery, besides begging the federal government for a bail out. If there is a plan, he hasn’t shared it.

Does anyone else not see what it clearly going on here? Murphy has already told us to our collective faces that he doesn’t give a rat’s ass what we think, what we feel, how much we petition or protest. His wise-ass comment to the people who put up with him in office, is to tell us to move to another state.

Since Murphy is not from New Jersey, perhaps he needs some old-fashioned Jersey-style schooling on what happens when you dare us to do something.

Think about this for a minute; what would Murphy do if we all decided to call his bluff and actually leave the state? What would New Jersey look like in Phil Murphy’s utopian society filled with nothing but sanctuary towns, overrun with illegal immigrants who are waiting for him now to figure out how he will pay for their free online college, their health insurance, rent subsidies, meals, legal aid, and driver’s licenses? Who would pay the enormous property taxes, gas taxes, overblown tolls on the GSP and NJ Turnpike? Where will he get his favorite take-out dinner now that the restaurants are boarded up because business owners finally had enough of his totalitarian form of governing.

We have our own Murphy’s Law in Trenton, and it is scarier and more negative than any idiom. By his own admission, knowledge of the Bill of Rights is above his pay grade. Perhaps the snarky lexicon that is the context of  his daily social media rants  has taken over his brain, or he truly does not get that what he is doing by crippling our economy and forcing people into bankruptcy, is going to be irreversible in our lifetime. Either way, it is surreal that this one person who let power go to his head, is leading us down the path to economic destruction.

We need a concise, phased-in plan for reopening our economy and we need it now, Phil Murphy. Show us the plan; don’t just say that you have one…prove it.

Perhaps if he doesn’t like what we have to say, he should move to another state!

2 thoughts on “‘Murphy’s Law’

  1. Whaaaa whaaa, my boss didn’t pay me, I grew up poor, Irish people love their booze… That Governor Murphy? BTW, his mansion on the Navesink River (a couple of blocks over from Bongiovi) is something to behold. Maybe, just maybe, if he walked a couple of steps to his limo in a common mans shoes we all could relate. But this guy is so out of touch, it makes Goldman Sachs look like a friendly neighborhood savings and loan. Say it again horseface “whaaaa I grew up poor”.

  2. Some people need therapy

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