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National Football League Players Association Says Grass Safer than Turf


the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, according to the National Football League Players Association ,noncontact injuries for NFL players occurred at a higher rate on artificial turf compared to grass during the 2022 regular season, according to data released this week (04/20/23) .

The gap arose one year after the league moved to neutralize the debate about the two types of playing surfaces based on 2021 numbers.

Players have long said they prefer grass over artificial turf, arguing it was not only safer but also that it feels better to play on. In an essay posted to the NFLPA website Wednesday, union president J.C. Tretter noted that the injury rate on grass surfaces was lower from 2012 to 2020. Although the rates were essentially the same in 2021, Tretter termed that outcome an “outlier.”

7 thoughts on “National Football League Players Association Says Grass Safer than Turf

  1. All of us that practiced football on the old Stevens field know that it was not “grass” after about September 1. It was like playing on cement

  2. Ridgewood does not maintain the fields at all , so many think turf is the answer

  3. i cant wait for one the local cuck bois , to claim they no better than NFL players

    1. are you twelve?

  4. Village can’t afford to maintain grass fields.. open your eyes people! All good as long as the color is maroon and we are taxed to the hilt!

  5. This is great news.
    Now RW Football players can claim victim status, just like their NFL counterparts.

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