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New career Ridgewood firefighters sworn in

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Photo credit:   Boyd A. Loving
New career Ridgewood FD firefighters sworn in
May 13,2015
Boyd A. Loving
9:49 PM

Ridgewood NJ , Two (2) new career Ridgewood Fire Department firefighters were sworn in atWednesday evening’s public meeting of the Ridgewood Village Council.

The first was Anthony Dinice, son of Ridgewood PD Patrol Officer Paul Dinice and grandson of the late Anthony Dinice, who served as a Ridgewood PD Patrol Officer from 1956 until his retirement in 1981.

The second was Henry Van Wageningen III

, who served as a Ridgewood FD volunteer firefighter from 2010 until his appointment to the full-time career department.  Henry’s father in law, James Bombace, was Chief of the Ridgewood Fire Department when he retired in 2010.

23 thoughts on “New career Ridgewood firefighters sworn in

  1. Shameless nepotism….

  2. This was the bottom of the town civil service from what I hear, the next time they hire it will be off the county list. Congrats to these fine young men.

  3. Guess you didn’t make the list 2:55.

  4. Disgraceful…

  5. Holy FRICKIN nepotism band wagon of pension SUCKING FREAKS.
    And the beat goes on…and on and on and on…

  6. Sad that there won’t be any money left in the municipal PFRS pension fund when these kids retire in 25 years…

  7. Well when the PFRS fund goes these new Firefighters can collect from the Federal Social Security Fund……….oh wait that fund is already broke.

  8. Blatant nepotism. What’s to say the retired police and fire captains aren’t using their relatives as proxies to influence the current depts? Doesn’t this prevent new ideas, new blood and diversity of opinion on how to run things if the old guard still has influence?

  9. Anyone check their sources to see how hard these people waited or how long they waited to make the dept? Or did you just read this article to formulate your opinions?

    Just wondering!

  10. No matter how long they waited, did they make the dept because of their family connections? Just wondering?

  11. 10:36 favors nepotism!

  12. Oh right, only those in the 07450 need apply even though none of the surrounding towns have career fire depts. Parts of Paramus, Ho Ho Kus, Waldwick and Midland Park are all closer to our fire houses than much of Ridgewood, but god forbid we hire non legacies

  13. If you want the job you move into town it’s as complicated or as simple as that. If someone is serious enough about getting the job they do what they have to do.

  14. I just love how these no nothings complain about nepotism. Not one of those complainers would risk their life doing the job of a Police officer or Firefighter. I bet they are afraid of getting something as simple as a paper cut… they don’t even handle paper.

  15. Obviously I favor nepotism bc I asked if people checked their sources. Makes sense!! How many years did they volunteer at the FD keeping the town safe while these people waited for an opening? How many people before them made the department because they were on the list first? Don’t you people think the FD would make sure there wasn’t any nepotism involved after the incident with the police officers?

    For what it’s worth they aren’t married. Obviously the writer of the article didn’t check their sources either.

  16. The residency requirement makes no sense except to rig the hiring process in favor of legacies. So if a better candidate lives on Maple in Ho Ho Kus they don’t qualify even though they may live closer to our fire house, and even though none of these other towns even have a career fire dept. It’s why we seem to only be capable of hiring relatives of retired officials. This may cause problems In terms of diversity of opinion and new ideas on how to run things if the retired officials use their family ties to influence the current dept. God knows we have some know-it-all retirees in this Village.

  17. We’ll never know if these hirings were the result of family connections, or if influence was exerted on the current Chief and hiring manager. Or why there were two openings as the result of two departures in the dept due to screw ups by the previous VM. We’ll never know…

  18. CK 6:34 pm,

    The reason that the residency requirement makes no sense to you is that you don’t understand it. There is no rigging of the hiring process in favor of legacies. As I stated before, if you want the job in town move into town, pass the entrance exam, get high enough on the list and you can be hired, it’s that simple. If there was any rigging I am confident you would have provided proof of that outlandish claim. So lets see your proof beyond just a statement which is your opinion, or are you lying yet again? .

    The residency requirement has nothing to do with living closer to a fire house, which is just more proof that you have no idea what the heck your talking about. There are many employees that have been hired that are not relatives of retired officials.

    Thankfully we don’t have such narrow minded people like you running this town like you CK. God knows we have some know-it-all residents in this Village who given the chance would screw things up royally.

  19. Huh?

  20. To 6:34 who said “For what it’s worth they aren’t married.” So who is the lady in the background holding a kid? The sister?

  21. how would one prove “rigging”? seems like we’ll never know, but as someone posted above, “No matter how long they waited, did they make the dept because of their family connections? Just wondering?”

  22. 10:43 – seriously? you don’t need to be married to have beautiful children…

    Thank you 7:30!!!

  23. 11:10 AM,

    If you made the claim of rigging I challenge you to back that claim up with facts.

    Actually we do know,

    FACT: There were a number of Firefighter positions opened last year for various reasons including retirements.

    FACT: These newly appointed Firefighters had to pass the same entrance exam and physical testing that everyone and anyone who wanted to become a Firefighter took. That exam is produced and administered by the state.

    The potential for family connections having any influence in this hiring process is between slim and none.

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