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New Jersey Gas Taxes Set to Raise October 1st


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Trenton NJ as expected ,the price of gasoline is set to increase further in New Jersey. The state Treasury Department announced Thursday that starting Oct. 1 the New Jersey gas tax will increase by 4.3 cents per gallon. The department claims  that lower fuel consumption levels over the past two years necessitated the price increase “in order to ensure compliance with the 2016 law that requires a steady stream of revenue to support the state’s Transportation Trust Fund program.” As more people flee the state , and gas prices raise it seems certain that consumption will further decrease .

A previous gas tax increase was implemented in 2016 under the Christie administration in order to add money to the state’s diminished Transportation Trust Fund program.

This  time the Treasury Department did not blame President Trump but instead blamed the Christie administration for overestimating the amount of fuel New Jersey drivers would use over a two-year period. Christie underestimated how quickly Governor Murphy’s tax hikes would drive more people and more jobs out of the state.

The new increase means that the state gas tax will now be 26.9 cents per gallon.  Low gas prices used to be one of the few positive things about New Jersey , but as tax hikes accelerate , Trenton may be running out of taxes to raise and people to pay them.

2 thoughts on “New Jersey Gas Taxes Set to Raise October 1st

  1. The morons in Trenton will never get it. When the original fuel tax increase went through I asked the manager of a truck stop in mahwah if it had an effect on the volume of diesel fuel sold. He said absolutely . Truckers can take on 200 gallons or more, and since nj raised the tax the price was no longer competitive, so there was no incentive to buy fuel here. So this is what happens when morons run the state. By the way I notice the roads are worse than ever. Massive holes with metal rebar protruding on most places where the ashphalt meets concrete bridges. Holes between the lanes such as route 46 where the paving job was substandard years ago. And the old bag granny Weinberg earmarks 2 billion of this money to extend the failing njtransit light rail to englewood and teanack

  2. In a bi-partisan move, another NJ governor decides to raise the fuel tax. If cars get much more efficient or hybrids/EVs are more popular, they’ll have to come back in a few years to raise it again.

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