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New Jersey is the Second Highest Taxed State in America

phil murphy

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Ridgewood NJ, No one likes paying taxes. Yet, like death, taxes are inevitable. Zippia analyzed state income taxes, property taxes, and sales tax to find the states where residents pay the biggest chunk of their pay towards state taxes. Here are the states where residents are the most aggressively taxed:

The tax code is thousands of pages long, with different rates and intricate rules based on earnings and family situations. While the federal tax code is applied evenly throughout the country, each state has there own tax rates. This means citizens in some states enjoy a light tax load, while others are drowning in tax obligations.

We analyzed state tax codes across the 50 states to find where in the country people have the heaviest tax load.

Rather than look flatly at taxes, we analyzed the “tax burden” residents of each states can expect from personal income tax, property tax, and sales tax. Tax burden looks at the percent of taxation as percent of income. “Most” is an ambiguous term; For instance, depending upon your income, 1,000 dollars may be a lot or a little.

We looked at tax burden to find the states where people pay more of their money proportionately than any other state.

We have a ranked list of all 50 states at the bottom, from most aggressively taxed to least, in addition to a list of the states with the highest personal income tax, property tax, and sales tax. First, let’s examine the states where the tax man is the most heavy handed.

States Where People Pay The Most In Taxes

  1. California
  2. New Jersey
  3. Vermont
  4. Connecticut
  5. Oregon
  6. New York
  7. Wisconsin
  8. Nebraska
  9. Iowa
  10. Maine

California is the state where people are the most burdened by state taxes. While California, New Jersey, and New York may be notorious for there level of taxation, other states on the list such as Iowa may be a bit of a surprise. You can read our methodology below, and where the other 40 states stacked up.

6 thoughts on “New Jersey is the Second Highest Taxed State in America

  1. Guess those public sector pension funds in New Jersey are going to be insolvent pretty quickly now given the amount of “defined benefit” payouts they make every year, over $10 billion in checks annually and rising fast. The NJ Division of Investment, which manages these pensions, only had $75 billion to pay for these annual checks when markets were at their highs at February-end. That number should be about $65 billion now based on the subsequent market moves.

  2. My God. Can’t we be #1 in ANYTHING?

    C’mon… we can do better.

  3. Thanks to the unions.
    Big paycheck. Cadillac health care plan. Generous early retirement.
    All of which are used to buy votes for Democrats who OWN this stay.
    The taxpayers are the bitches.
    Grab your ankles, another tax increase on the way… you will feel the pain but the union workers wont

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