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New Jersey Legislator Moves to Ban Gas-powered Leaf Blowers

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Trenton NJ, new bill making its way through the NJ Legislator prohibits sale and use of gas-powered leaf blowers in NJ.

The bill S217 was introduced by the Senate, Referred to Senate Environment and Energy Committee.

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19 thoughts on “New Jersey Legislator Moves to Ban Gas-powered Leaf Blowers

  1. I agree. The noise and smell from those things is overwhelming, especially when just about everyone is using a landscaping service that uses these things.

    1. ill use mine whenever i want

      1. Agreed

  2. I’ll let them take my guns before they take my blower. Fascists.

  3. Limited policing resources should be focused on more important matters such as speeding. I agree that gas leaf blowers are loud and with time, will phase out but to impost legal restrictions that would ban their use is not going to be enforceable. I cannot imagine that the same law enforcement officer who seeming has little time to police Village speeders is going to have the time or desire to ticket a person who is using a gas leaf blower. Concentrate on enforcing the existing rules that impact the safety of our community first and foremost.

  4. NJ sucks, try to ban my blower! Bunch of idiots in both parties!

    1. California 2.0 Thanks for Nothing Murphy

  5. You must be a real fool to let anyone take your guns. Once you do that you’re done. that’s the stupidest comment I have heard

    1. Who’s the stupid one? The stupid one that made the original comment, or the stupid one that thought the stupid comment was remotely serious?

  6. Here in Maplewood, we are enjoying a MUCH higher quality of life without the gas fumes, dust, and constant roar of gas-powered blowers. People can actually be out in their yards and have conversations again! Blowers can also remove a lot of topsoil, which is bad for your yard.

    1. Stay in maple wood with your bs liberal laws.

    2. Why are you on this blog when you live in Maplewood. I’d NEVER consider living in a libtard town such as Maplewood

      1. Libtards like Paul Mulshine? Read what he has to say about leaf blowers. “The higher one’s tolerance for noise, the lower one’s intellect.”

        1. The local blowhards cannot hear you.

  7. I use mine at least four to five times a week all year round. I hate debris on my walkways. I would love to see someone try and stop me. Much greater issues than leaf blowers.

    1. I would also love to see that.

  8. Drive through Ridgewood. Many, if not all of the homes built in the 19th and early 20th century have wraparound front porches. Nobody sits out on the porch and enjoys the silence. Electric/battery powered blowers make a lot of noise. That will be the next thing these yahoos want banned.

  9. They’re completely useless. Ban them on that fact alone. Leaf blowers are the office equivalent of the guy noisily pretending to be busy.

  10. Over time, there will be a natural transition to battery-powered blowers (mowers and edgers, too), with the noisy gas models certain to find their way to the recycling center. It should not be legislated only because they are ‘CO2-spewing gasoline-powered blowers’. There is no climate crisis, except that fable invented by the dims.

    They will become obsolete since there will be better, less expensive, quieter, and more capable battery models available. There are still push mowers in many Ridgewood garages, but very few are being used.

    What good does banning blowers do when there are MILLIONS of cars, trucks, and motorcycles on the road every day.

    It is sad virtue signaling, nothing more.

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