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New Jersey Police Warn of Wi-Fi Jamming Thieves Targeting Homes

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Florham Park NJ, New Jersey police are issuing a warning about a new tactic being used by thieves: Wi-Fi jamming devices to disable surveillance cameras before breaking into homes.

A recent incident in Florham Park highlights this alarming trend. On Monday, a man in his basement heard a loud noise coming from the ground floor. Checking his surveillance cameras, he saw a man attempting to break in. Shortly after, his Wi-Fi and cellular service went out, cutting off his ability to monitor the situation or call for help.

The suspect fled when he realized someone was home, but the homeowner had to run out onto the street to find assistance as he couldn’t call 911. Despite a coordinated effort by Florham Park police, Madison Police Department, and the Morris County Sheriff’s Office, the suspect was not apprehended.

Authorities believe this suspect is part of a South American theft ring using Wi-Fi jammers to disable security systems. In some cases, these criminals even install their own surveillance cameras in the landscaping of properties to monitor when residents leave their homes.

To combat this threat, police recommend residents take the following precautions:

  • Hardwire Security Cameras: Ensure your surveillance cameras are connected via wired connections rather than relying solely on Wi-Fi.
  • Install a Landline: Having a landline phone can provide a reliable way to call for help if cellular service is disrupted.
  • Inspect for Hidden Cameras: Regularly check your property for any suspicious or unfamiliar cameras that could be used by criminals to monitor your movements.

The suspect in the Florham Park incident was last seen wearing tan or beige pants, a dark shirt, and a facemask. Anyone with information or video footage of the incident is urged to contact Det. Sgt. Pietropinto at 973-410-5424.

Stay vigilant and take the necessary steps to secure your home against these sophisticated theft tactics.


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3 thoughts on “New Jersey Police Warn of Wi-Fi Jamming Thieves Targeting Homes

  1. my security system sends text to the monitoring center
    my cams are wifi but will report ‘offline’ if the net goes out

    1. My comment is also irrelevant!

  2. You can jam my wi-fi but you can’t jam my Glock.

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