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New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez Once Again Under Federal Investigation

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Ridgewood NJ, New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez is once again the subject of a federal criminal investigation by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in New York, an adviser confirmed Wednesday. Numerous news outlets are reporting that “ethically challenged” Robert Menendez, a Democrat and the state’s senior member of the U.S. Senate, is being scrutinized by federal prosecutors.

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According to, this probe coming four years after federal prosecutors dropped corruption charges against the Democrat is being led by the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District in New York. Details of the investigation were not provided in the coverage, but the existence of a probe was acknowledged by a Menendez representative, the Times reported.

The representative told the Times the senator did not know the scope of the investigation. Menendez was “severely admonished” by the Senate Ethics Committee after his trial on federal bribery charges in 2017 . Accusations were also leveled at the time that he was spending to much time in Dominican Republic with underage prostitutes  , but the Federal probe ended in a mistrial and prosecutors dropped the case.

4 thoughts on “New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez Once Again Under Federal Investigation

  1. This guy is a complete POS and stupid democrats keep voting for him!

  2. Our other Senator isn’t clean either in my opinion.

  3. He’s not worried….
    He has a “D” by his name
    so only cursory reporting
    and then of course there is cheating during elections to secure his seat.

  4. So one juror held out (probably because he was a fellow Hispanic),
    they declare a mistrial and don’t bother retrying the case.
    Obama admin sent its message to him and the swamp protected him.

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