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>New Jersey : We only get back 61 cents out of every dollar we send to Washington

>One other thing that he needs to do is to work with our US senators and representatives to figure how how to get more of our Federal tax money back from Washington. We only get back 61 cents out of every dollar we send to Washington. Closing that gap would take some pressure off the state and local budgets.

I totally agree! CA Governor Terminator was on Meet the Press last weekend, and I think he quoted CA as only getting 71 cents back on the dollar. Does anyone have a link to where those numbers are? If NJ, NY, and CA are only getting 60/70% back, where the heck are those dollars going, and what is the justification? There’s probably a few billion right there going right down the tubes.

The way to get more money back is to elect Senators who give a shit about their NJ constituents, rather than pushing the agenda of the democratic party. They go to washington, and forget about us back home. With the billions NJ residents send to DC via income taxes, it is a disgrace we are LAST in terms of getting funds back. Our roads suck. The inner cities are a disgrace. And Frank Lautenberg pushes for a national .08 breathalizer bill and killed our restaurant/bar biz here. Thanks Frank its time to check into a nursing home.

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