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New Jersey’s Unemployment Offices Need to Open Immediately

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Trenton NJ, Senator Kristin Corrado called on Governor Phil Murphy to reopen State government offices, including unemployment walk-in centers, immediately.

“We’ve heard too many excuses from Governor Murphy for his refusal to reopen walk-in unemployment centers. October 18 is a month and a half away—that’s not good enough,” said Corrado (R-40). “My office continues to hear from hundreds of unemployed workers who can’t resolve their claims online or over the phone to get the benefits they’re owed. It’s unbelievable they still can’t walk into an unemployment center to quickly resolve whatever issues they’re having in a face-to-face conversation. Governor Murphy needs to reopen these walk-in centers and other public-facing offices immediately.”

Corrado has been pressing the Murphy Administration to reopen State government offices for several months. On April 26, 2021, Sens. Corrado and Weinberg called on the Department of Labor and the Murphy Administration to open unemployment offices for in-person sessions so unemployed workers could have their claims settled, particularly claims that have been flagged as fraudulent.

“Unemployment fraud is a serious problem and submitting identifying documents via the online portal is also not as easy as it should be. Sometimes, documents get rejected and people are redirected to start the process all over again,” added Corrado. “This is yet another reason why in-person service needs to resume right now. Much like the Motor Vehicle Commission, New Jerseyans should be able to walk into an unemployment office and simply present the appropriate documentation to prove their identity.”

On June 1, 2021, Corrado once again pressured the Murphy Administration by introducing legislation, S-3831, that required the State’s One-Stop Career Centers to reopen immediately and remain open to provide services to the public.

“These offices have an important role to play in supporting New Jersey’s economic recovery beyond helping resolve outstanding unemployment claims,” said Corrado. “We’ve heard repeatedly from employers that they’re having a hard time finding employees to fill all the jobs they’re creating as they attempt to reopen fully. Unfortunately, they’re getting no help from shuttered One-Stop Career Centers that should be open to help match job seekers with employment opportunities.”

“This far into the pandemic, hard-working New Jersey residents still cannot get their checks, cannot get answers, and cannot even speak in person with people who may be able to help,” added Corrado. “The Murphy Administration needs to reopen all State government offices now so that New Jerseyans can get the support they deserve.”

13 thoughts on “New Jersey’s Unemployment Offices Need to Open Immediately

  1. Everyplace I go into have signs posted for help wanted. I don’t understand why there are still so many people on unemployment. Some place can’t fully function because of not enough employees.

  2. They cut my unemployment off in middle of my term. Told me I had to identify myself. I did this got confirmation back that I have been identified. This was four months ago and I still haven’t heard from NJDOL in regards to this nor have I been able to certify for the rest of my rightfully owed benefits. It keeps saying either I’m calling on wrong day or their sorry their having problems with system. Call back on next scheduled day. This has been going on for four months . If someone could help or share some insight I would greatly appreciate it. I’m at my wits end.

  3. There has been so much free money being handed out in the Covid free-for-all. This is the reason for the problem employers are having attracting staff. It’s as simple as that.

  4. My unemployment has been frozen since July 2021.Everytime I call the Cumberland county office hang up or call back the next day. The month of Aug no income. I am owed at least 2500 regular benefits and pandemic. It’s not fair!

  5. People need extensions at this time, and yet we just brought in 10,000 afghans in New Jersey, now we have to supply everything to them. And I mean everything.

  6. Same thing happened to me they own me since last week of May now they said i have m account block

  7. The problem with Government workers working from home is that they are doing any work.

  8. Meanwhile I’ve been working many more hours and paying NJ taxes …and more taxes… and somebody fraudulently collected unemployment in my name; supposedly I was working as a bartender in another town. Actually wish I did know how to make a good drink, because I spent hours on the phone trying to stop it, most of the time on hold, nobody really had a fire under their ass to correct the issue it was unreal. Some crooks made out really well with CoViD. Sloppy implementation and feels like simple checks would have showed I was employed and having tax withheld every two weeks into the NJ coffers.

  9. Someone filed a false claim for unemployment under my name with my address. I sent a fax of the notice that I received stating all of this to the unemployment fax number but I have not received an answer back yet that was over a week ago. If someone filed this claim and is having funds Sent to a different address than my home address this is how they are going to complete the fraud I presume. I do not want to be held liable for someone to receive unemployment money in my name at a different address. I am not entitled to file for unemployment I am self-employed and do not pay unemployment tax.

  10. I have been trying to collect unemployment since January 2021. Due to my identity not being able to be identified, I could not complete the claim process. Identify process was confirmed complete in July. I continue to try to certify weekly and get errors saying to try back in two days. Spoke to numerous people at DOL escalation filed and now it’s October. I worked in NJ for 50 years and paid into this fund. Now when it is needed, I am not able to get anyone to resolve the issue. DOL offices need to be open to resolve issues so that past due payments can be made.

  11. I stop receiving my ui checks since 04/20/2021 for know apparently reason.I talk with people on phone they said it would take 6-8weeks for my checks to begin again I’ve received nothing.while talking to those people on phone I found out they were in Texas!!!they’d aid the only thing they could do was send njui an e mail they did this about12 times.OPEN YOUR OFFICES GOV. Sure you have a steady flow inco.e……DOTHE RIGHT THING

  12. I filed initial claim in May 2021 after being unemployed since Aug 2020! My account shows everything is fine BUT my account is locked! I was told in early June 2021 a representative from NJ DOL would be calling me and my account would be unlocked – Call NEVER came and it’s now NOVEMBER! I have called 5 times a day for 3 MONTHS! Recording says CALL BACK and HANGS UP! The hard working people of NJ should hold the Governor accountable TODAY at the polls! The DOL Offices SHOULD BE OPEN and NOT managed by telephone representatives working from home in TEXAS and OTHER States!!! DEPLORABLE!!!!


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