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New Ridgewood Parking Utility vehicle


Gee whiz.

Ridgewood NJ, A fuel guzzling, AWD, crew cab pickup truck instead of an economical, environmentally friendly Cushman type vehicle?
The staff of The Ridgewood Blog wonders why?

18 thoughts on “New Ridgewood Parking Utility vehicle

  1. Why?? Why you ask?? Because it’s only money, James. It’s of absolutely no object. We have councilwomen “unaware” of their money laundering donations to the local hospital, turf fields being replaced to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars every time they get rained on. So why not this??

  2. my guess it that it is also used to plow snow and that a Cushman wouldn’t do well in the snow. not sure just a guess

  3. Looks like a chariot….

  4. This question has an answer somewhere. Ask at council meeting or write to Village Hall.

  5. This is a joke, right?

  6. The new garage is going to make so much money that it will pay for the truck. Hope it fits in the garage.

  7. 11:01, lol lol. Have you ever asked a question and had it answered at a meeting?? They don’t answer questions…they let you speak, say they will address questions at the end and then answer the few they deem worthy.

  8. to 10,38 , nope. no plow on it yet. it,s nice, but did they need to buy a new truck for this, give that to the police dept to use, and give them an old car, come on ass back wards in this town. who is coming up with shit.

  9. how much was this.

  10. I hear they paid for it in quarters…

  11. need a crew cab to go on lunch runs or take the family and tow the boat to the lake on the weekends…

  12. Also new fire and police vehicles driving around the last couple of weeks.

  13. There is no plow on this vehicle. And since when do you people give a crap about what the village spends on expensive trucks for the meter maid? You never gave a crap in the past, you never do anything about it and as far as the village intrenched Union gestapo is concerned…DROP DEAD.

  14. The Village needs a vehicle this size to lug all the quarters from the meters. LOL



  17. how much was that truck.

  18. why can;t they walk, or put them on a bike, or a scooter like in the city. come on . the manager needs to wake up . talk about a waste of money.

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