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New Ridgewood Village Council gets off to a fast start

New Ridgewood Village Council
photo by Boyd Loving
July 14,2016
the staff of the Ridgewood blog
Ridgewood NJ, Just a quick take on last night first council meeting with the new council , if tonight is any indication of things to come, so much is going to be accomplished. Ordinance  3066 is to be repealed.There was real talk about Ridgewood Water,even addressing the law suit.
The parking issues were addressed with real common sense and many new ideas as well as recognition of the immediacy of getting things done quickly.  Roberta didn’t run the meeting and actually did what she is supposed to do, inform the council!
Rurik Halaby could not help himself. He had to praise the past council and once again went on and on about how there has never been anyone like Roberta.  He gave Susan a mild lecture and talked about his belief that Valley is a done deal and to fight this would be the equivalent of endangering lives( lifes?)He cautioned Susan not to base her decisions on a few disgruntled neighbors  and move Ridgewood forward into the future embracing change and growth.  I might have made this sound better than it actually did!  But she was very polite as usual.
Hopefully we go forward with a suit against Valley. maybe it would tie things up long enough for them to start developing all the other properties they have purchased and their argument that their expansion is for the greater good will not have as much impact in a court of law as it seems to have done with the current judge.

12 thoughts on “New Ridgewood Village Council gets off to a fast start

  1. Rurik was pitiful. He is all that is left of the “old guard.” He lectured Susan K-nudsen (mispronounced intentionally as always) about pandering to her base. I got news for you old man, her base is the entire village of Ridgewood save for a few whimpering losers like you.

  2. Wonderful night. Wonderful new start.

    Thank you Linda MacNamara for giving gifts to all the councilmembers. You are so thoughtful.

  3. To the new Council and their friends. Talk is cheap and Actions Speak Louder Than Words. So I reserve my decision on how this council is doing. This was just their first meeting.

  4. Well Rurik, all stars burn their brightest just before they fizzle out. Take your defeat with a little dignity.

  5. I’m throwing a little party when ordinance 3066 is officially repealed.

  6. What were the gifts?

    Mr. Halaby needs to lick his wounds and go home. We simply don’t want to hear from him any more (and never did). Addressing council members as if your approval mattered was embarrassing.

  7. Valley is far from a done deal – it’s really time for Mr Halaby to join the repudiated former Council majority on the silent sidelines. Let’s hope that the new Council has the resolve to continue the fight against Valley. No judge should be allowed to legislate from the bench that a community should be forced to sacrifice for the perceived and unproven benefit of a broader region. Enough already.

  8. Free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty we are free at last!

  9. Are we challenging Valley’s “not for profit” status or not? Why isn’t this priority #1? It’s as much as 10% of our annual Village budget at stake, that’s not a priority?

  10. Finally Ordinance 3066 to be repealed – have been calling for that for years. Pfund’s folly. Can he also be replaced on the court bench? But what about using the Morristown precedent to challenge Valley? Why isn’t this being addressed pronto?

  11. I was hoping the Mayor would cut him off when he addressed her specifically. Point of order, right? You are not to address a council member specifically, have to address the whole council.

  12. He is just an angry sore loser.

    He needs a hobby.

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