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Newton Green Host Trump Rally

photos courtesy of Kelly Ann Hart

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Newton NJ, Sunday saw another large Trump rally in Newton NJ .The large crowd was very united and energetic promoting the re-election of  President Trump and republican candidates into offices across the board. Sussex County Sheriff Strada, GOP CD5 Candidate Frank T. Pallotta and  CD11 GOP Congressional candidate Rosemary Becchi  came out to show strong support of our police and law enforcement as well as the president . The Newton Trump rally was organized by William J Hayden and held at Newton Green.





10 thoughts on “Newton Green Host Trump Rally

  1. I’m surprised local antifa didn’t make an appearance. I guess they are too busy hunting nazis in Philadelphia:

  2. I read in the Times today that Nancy Pelosi thinks if the election was held today the Dems would win big….

  3. James, you are the man!!! These democrats think they have a shot. Hilary had a 95% chance of winning the morning of the election. It ended up being the biggest upsets in history. Only people who truly HATE American will vote for Sleepy Joe.

  4. Trump is the greatest US President in my lifetime (I’m 61). The Left and the mainstream media have been slinging insane amounts of mud at him the entire time, despite some incredibly positive developments. The swamp is bigger than we realized but it IS being drained, and the Left hates it.

  5. If you are not annoyed as to what’s going on, you are not psying paying attention. It’s impossible that the entire country has set up a coup against trump creating stories that are false. Everyone is fake but him. REALLY My dog has better manners and leadership skills. He’s done and he knows it. Why else would he hurry the nomination for the supreme court if he thought he was going to win timing wouldn’t matter. BY-DON

    1. you really should do something other than watch CNN , by the way the constitution requires the president to appoint a supreme court justice

  6. Great rally, fun uplifting group of people. Thank you Newton Police department for your service. It was nice meeting new friends and running onto many old ones. Couldn’t have asked for better weather, perfect day. Hope there’s several more local rallies before election day. Love my Country, love my President.

  7. On Hannity last night, Lindsey Graham confirmed they have the votes in the senate to get the nominee approved. Things are going to get more crazy. Then you have a moron like Don Lemon saying they need to “blow up the system.” That’s really American. No wonder why I have more Facebook friends than CNN has viewers.

  8. ” He’s done and he knows it.”
    Talk to me on Nov 4th.

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