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Nine Lives: Hackensack Firefighters Rescue Second Cat in Two Days

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Hackensack NJ,over the last week the City of Hackensack Fire Department has gone beyond keeping the residents of Hackensack safe and secure but now even rescuing two frisky felines. 

A heartwarming moment amidst the chaos! Hackensack Fire Engine 5 responded to an automobile accident on Passaic Street and The Esplanade. While our firefighters were hard at work at the scene, a little cat dashed out into the street and was hit by a passing car. Our heroes swiftly sprang into action, checking the feline for injuries and providing immediate care.
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With compassion and kindness, the firefighters brought the cat back to Engine 5’s quarters, where they lovingly tended to the little cat until animal control arrived to take over. We’re so proud of our firefighters for not only protecting our community but also going above and beyond to rescue and care for our four-legged friends. A paw-some job, indeed!
Then again with incredible teamwork from our local heroes at Hackensack Fire Engine Company 5! For the second time in two days, they’ve come to the rescue of a furry friend in need. Today, they successfully saved a sweet feline who had slipped down a chimney cleanout and found himself stuck at the bottom.
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With skill and care, our firefighters worked tirelessly to free the little adventurer without a scratch and without any damage to the chimney. Thanks to their dedication, this precious kitty is now back in the loving arms of its owner, safe and sound.
Let’s give a round of applause to our amazing firefighters for their compassion and quick response in reuniting this furry family.
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4 thoughts on “Nine Lives: Hackensack Firefighters Rescue Second Cat in Two Days

  1. Also kudos to the Hackensack and South Hackensack firefighters who saved an senior cat from a house fire 5 years ago. We eventually adopted the cat when her owner could no longer care for her. The cat became part of our family for a wonderful four years until she passed last year at the age of 18. If it wasn’t for the compassion of the firefighters who gave her oxygen as she lay unresponsive outside the burning house we would have never known the joy of having her in our lives.

    1. a senior cat???

      1. Cat was @14 yrs old when the fire occurred.

        1. Oh, I thought because it was Cinco de Mayo it was a señor cat.

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