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NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife Fines Illegal Dumper

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Peaslee Wildlife Management Area , according to NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife back In October, Fish and Wildlife’s Bureau of Law Enforcement Lt. Craig James, Detective Todd Vazquez, and Conservation Officer Keith Fox began an investigation on a large solid waste dump site in the Peaslee Wildlife Management Area in Cumberland County.

The pile was over 50 cu. yards and was mostly construction debris. It was suspected that the person responsible might return, so a surveillance camera was placed in the area. 

In January a complaint was received that more trash had been dumped on the pile. Det. Vazquez and CPO Dan Faith returned to find thirty additional contractor bags. Within the debris officers recovered evidence that provided important leads. Lt. James and Det. Vazquez interviewed several people and traced the leads to a suspect, David J. Udowiczyk, 22, of Estell Manor, NJ. Udowiczyk agreed to meet with the officers and admitted to dumping all the trash. During the interview, Det. Vazquez received a call from Officer Faith who believed Udowiczyk may have dumped debris in other locations. This was based on evidence found in piles on the Estell Manor part of Peaslee WMA and at Maple Lake WMA. When confronted with evidence, Udowiczyk admitted responsibility for those piles as well. 

Udowiczyk was charged under Fish and Game law with “Discarding Refuse on a Wildlife Management Area,” and under Environmental Protection laws for “Dumping of solid waste in excess of 0.148 cubic yards.” In February Udowiczyk pled guilty before the Maurice River Municipal Court to the charge of discarding refuse on a wildlife management area. He was assessed $20,000 in penalties, which included restitution for the clean-up.

The NJDEP has a toll-free telephone hotline number you can use to report environmental incidents, abuses, and complaints in New Jersey or impacting it. 

1-877-WARNDEP can be used in the continental United States.

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2 thoughts on “NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife Fines Illegal Dumper

  1. Caught red-handed…happens all the time in Newark.

    Dumping fees are out of control so people decide to break the law…

  2. Too much garbage and no place to put it.

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