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NJ Governor Murphy Declares State of Emergency in Preparation for Winter Storm


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Trenton NJ, Governor Phil Murphy today declared that New Jersey will enter a State of Emergency effective at 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, January 9 in anticipation of severe storms causing hazardous weather conditions including heavy rain, high winds, and flash flooding. Executive Order No. 350 declares a State of Emergency across all 21 counties in New Jersey, allowing resources to be deployed throughout the state during the duration of the storm.

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“Beginning tomorrow morning and continuing through Wednesday morning, we are expecting one to four inches of heavy rain, strong winds, and potential inland and coastal flooding,” said Governor Murphy. “This storm will exacerbate the effects of the inclement conditions we experienced in December and this past weekend and may precede another storm Friday night. As always, I urge all New Jerseyans – including residents in our coastal and riverine communities – to follow all safety protocols and remain off the roads unless absolutely necessary.”

The Governor encourages New Jerseyans to visit for important weather updates and safety information. Residents should also monitor local forecasts, warnings, and watches.
For those living in Northern New Jersey and the New York Metro area, visit the U.S. National Weather Service New York, N.Y. at
For those living in Central and Southern New Jersey, visit the U.S. National Weather Service Philadelphia/Mount Holly at
For a copy of Executive Order No. 350, please click here.


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17 thoughts on “NJ Governor Murphy Declares State of Emergency in Preparation for Winter Storm

  1. Strong winds…not good for the Governor’s new hairplugs so he will stay inside.

  2. bfd RAIN

  3. He’s better than Christie.

    1. lol, even if that were true its a very low bar

  4. This state is in better shape than years ago. Bergen County has improved in the past decade.

    1. How has it improved

    2. I agree, BC has become a better toilet compared to years ago. Go back to sleep now.

  5. Come on really.
    Real state sales on homes
    You’re pay
    D e p Clean up sites
    Bridge repair
    Yes the taxes are high.
    In the end we didn’t go backwards.

    1. lol thank you gave me a good laugh

    2. You’re as in you’re pay is grammatically incorrect. You’re is short for you are, so if you want to say your pay, that is how you do it. Your use of random grammar and punctuation are a concern (real estate has an “e”) and in terms of bridge repair, what bridge are you talking about. Clearly not the Kingsbridge footbridge that is a giant debacle.

  6. How about $8 billion in surplus.
    Don’t forget our governor has a very good rapport with the president which is very important. In many ways. And doesn’t matter if you like the president or not the metropolitan area received a lot of money from the government and you can see that . If you look at the price of your home value today, compared to Christie, let me know. Can anyone give me a big list of Governor Christie’s accomplishments in the state of New Jersey. There’s not much, there’s a lot of cutting, and I don’t blame him before him a bunch of mismanagement.

    1. $8 billion in surplus , covid money used to bale out blue state like new jersey

  7. That’s ok we’ll take it. I don’t give a shit how the state got the money. It helps.

  8. I wouldn’t be laughing too loud, because just remember for extremely long time the villager of Ridgewood water utility revenue went to balance the budget the operation budget of the town. If not, the village would experience an extremely large amount of layoffs. Just remember, I know things that people don’t know especially all the newbies. I told you I know where the skeletons are and who put them there I know all the deep secrets, some people write their notes down in pencil so they can erase them. Not mine it’s all down in ink, and they are my privately notes on the computer. How many times my computer, my laptop, cell phone, or magically only erased. Oh, yes. You could not erase my brain, even if you can. I have a private ledger. I will always have the last laugh,

    1. Harlan, is that you?!

  9. Keith is calling balls and strikes so don’t worry, we will be fine.

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