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NJ has Spent Irresponsibly for Decades ,Governor Murphy don’t blame the Federal Government


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Trenton NJ, NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt released the following statement in response to Governor Murphy pointing fingers at the federal government for New Jersey’s poor economic outlook:

“The NJGOP joins Governor Phil Murphy in seeking the dollars New Jersey needs to recover from the COVID19 crisis. New Jersey businesses and families are struggling in one of the hardest hit states in the country, and we are facing some hard truths as a result.

“There is no truth, however, in the Governor’s attempts to lay blame for the consequences of the State’s economic crisis at the feet of the federal government. If it happens that New Jersey is forced to lay-off teachers, cops, firefighters and paramedics, the very people who are on the front lines fighting this pandemic, those consequences were facilitated over decades by a Democrat controlled legislature and for the last two and half years by a Governor whose spending was unrestrained.

“New Jerseyans have been paying more than their fair share of taxes for a long time, and it’s right that those dollars come back home. But, they need to be used responsibly, to prop up failing businesses and hungry families, not to justify or prop up a bloated spending system that was broken long before the COVID19 crisis came along and exposed it.”

8 thoughts on “NJ has Spent Irresponsibly for Decades ,Governor Murphy don’t blame the Federal Government

  1. Irresponsible spending is a bipartisan problem in Trenton. Gov Murphy isn’t totally to blame, but he’s the guy without the seat when the music stopped. Didn’t vote for the man but he’s stood up pretty well despite the extreme situation he’s been tasked with.

  2. Another petty dictator. This is the man who told us that complying with the Bill of Rights is “above my pay grade”.

  3. First step could be to lay off Aronsohn permanently.

  4. New Jersey Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy said that he was open to the idea of the state providing illegal immigrants with $600 a week.

    During Murphy’s COVID-19 news briefing on Thursday, the governor was asked about cash assistance for illegal immigrants.

    Immigrants rights group Make the Road NJ released a report titled, “Essential and Excluded,” that documented the “experiences of low-wage immigrant workers and families in New Jersey during the first month of the COVID-19 crisis.”

  5. Not To Worry.
    Your clueless neighbors will vote him back in…

  6. How about the irresponsible spending and waste of scarce resources by the Village Council and the BOE? Theft of taxpayers is against our rights and freedoms!

  7. The coronavirus has thrived in these conditions of incompetence, greed, laziness and ignorance. That goes for the state, the million counties in NJ, the billion municipalities and the seemingly endless number of local municipal Boards of Education

  8. The unions run NJ. All their members – the teachers, judges, police & fire -want Is more, more, more. They are the ones bankrupting New Jersey with their greed.

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