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NJ State Police Announce Traffic Fatalities are at a Five-Year Low



the staff of the Ridgewood blog

West Trenton NJ, The New Jersey State Police announce motor vehicle crash fatalities in 2019 were the lowest since 2014. Preliminary statistics indicate that there were 559 fatalities on New Jersey roadways in 2019, four less than the 563 fatalities reported in 2018.

The trend of reduced fatalities can be attributed to increased driver safety awareness, education initiatives, and traffic enforcement programs. However, law enforcement’s biggest challenge to combating traffic fatalities continues to be reducing behaviors attributed to driver inattention, which continues to be the leading contributing factor in crash fatalities.

In New Jersey, driver inattention can be anything from improper cell phone use, rubber necking, turning to speak to a rear-seat passenger, or anything that can draw your attention away from the road. We remind motorists that exercising responsible driving habits and obeying traffic laws are the most effective ways to make New Jersey roads safer.

“Although traffic fatalities are down, driver inattention remains the leading contributing factor, so we know we can do better,” said Colonel Patrick Callahan of the New Jersey State Police. “We will continue to do our part by increasing driver safety awareness and education programs in addition to on-going strategic traffic enforcement, but the first step to safer roads lies with motorists exercising responsible driving habits every time they get behind the wheel.”

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