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NJ Transit Forced to Shut Down Train Service Friday Evening Over What it Called an ‘illegal job action’

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Ridgewood NJ, Due to an illegal job action initiated Friday morning by the locomotive engineers’ union (BLE&T), rail service was terminated early Friday evening and remained temporarily suspended for the remainder of the service day on Friday, June 17th.

Rail service will resume regular weekend service for Saturday, June 18

To provide customers with as many alternate travel options as possible, NJ TRANSIT will continue to accept rail tickets on NJ TRANSIT and Private Carrier buses, all three NJ TRANSIT light rail lines, PATH from 33rd Street in New York, Hoboken and Newark Penn, and NY Waterway ferries. Rail customers interested in using bus service as an alternate travel option can go to the “Schedules” feature on the mobile app or website to plan your trip.

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Please continue to visit for the most up-to-date service information. We also encourage you to follow your individual line account on Twitter (see below), and customize your push notifications for service information on the NJ TRANSIT mobile app. You can also sign-up for text and e-mail alerts by visiting

4 thoughts on “NJ Transit Forced to Shut Down Train Service Friday Evening Over What it Called an ‘illegal job action’

  1. Gas through the roof, inflation raging, stock market sinking, the U.S. humiliated and viewed as weak and vulnerable around the world, a bumbling President commenting on Americans suffering and then doing nothing about it and now job actions bringing commuters misery at the end of a long work week. Isn’t reliving the 1970s fun? The only “plagues” not revisiting themselves upon us are leisure suits and disco though we’ve exchanged those curses for full-on Marxists haranguing kids in the classroom and a politicized federal law enforcement identifying full swaths of the citizenry as security threats.

    1. I don’t know how you manage to go on every day.

      And you seem like such a fun person.

  2. Get back to work you lazy ass union slobs!

  3. When I was younger my college was in NYC so I had to commute.
    I questioned ‘why are there 2 people in the locomotive’, one drives the train, the other reads papers.
    Apparently, after coal locomotives were upgraded to deisel, the guy who shovelled the coal from the coal car to the engine was no longer needed. Position was called fireman.
    Rather than upgrade to engineer, the unions required the Erie Lackawanna railroad to maintain the position of ‘fireman’.
    Its called union ‘featherbedding’. Typical scam. How much effort is required to train as a conductor or engineer… but why bother when you can get pay, benefits and retirement for doing nothing.
    Does the NJ turnpike and parkway still pay non-existant toll collectors?

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