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Cross Honoring Remains in Effect between NJ TRANSIT’s services

February 9, 2017

Ridgewood NJ, NJ TRANSIT anticipates the continuation of regular weekday service on its rail, bus and light rail systems for the remainder of the service day on Thursday and into Friday’s morning commute.  Access Link in north and central New Jersey remains suspended for Thursday.  Cross honoring remains in effect for rail, bus and light rail until further notice.

Customers are strongly advised to monitor the status of the system by checking frequently.  Customers are also encouraged to sign up for My Transit Alerts, which provide customized notifications via email or text message based on a customer’s preferred mode of travel.  My Transit alerts can be accessed by creating a free account on  In addition, customers are advised to monitor NJ TRANSIT’s social media feeds on Twitter and Facebook, as well as tune in to broadcast traffic reports for the latest information.

Through a combination of preparation and hard work,

NJ TRANSIT operated the majority of its regular weekday service through the height of the winter storm.  Some delays were experienced on rail and bus lines due to the weather and localized road conditions.  Some bus lines were truncated due to road conditions.  Ridership across the system was diminished as many customers chose to stay at home or work remotely.

NJ TRANSIT continues to have personnel and assets in position in order to address any issues that may arise during the aftermath of the winter weather.

NJ TRANSIT’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) remains open and continues to monitor any impacts the storm has on the system.  The EOC will remain active overnight and into Friday.

NJ TRANSIT utilized roaming crews to conduct snow removal operations at rail and light rail stations as well as at bus terminals and facilities.  Rail operations activated its jet powered snow blowers to clear switches at major rail yards.

Travel Advice:

Before starting your trip, visit the Travel Alerts page at for up-to-the-minute service information.  This information is also available by calling (973) 275-5555 or from broadcast traffic reports.
Customers are encouraged to sign up for the My Transit alert system on, which delivers travel advisories for your specific trip to your cell phone.
Allow extra time getting to and from your destination.  Use extreme caution when walking on exposed sidewalks or station platforms and when boarding trains and buses.
Report slippery or unsafe conditions to bus operators, train crews or
Listen closely to public address announcements at stations for late-breaking service information.


  1. NJ Transit is trash. Have a polling of people who traveled yesterday and I don’t think they get a passing grade. It wasn’t even a major storm and they consider it a success doing their job.
    Since fare was raised more than 1 yr ago things have been going downhill. To pay more than $300 for such crappy service is a robbery. They raised fees, eliminated trains at rush hour, shortened number of cars and now you have overcrowded trains where you have to push in order to get a seat. Add to it daily morning delays from Secaucus to NY and you have a garbage service. As long as no one complains loudly we will keep getting screwed.

  2. the village d p w crew did a great job in the past storm.

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