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NJ Transit Police Officers Administer CPR to save life of Unresponsive Commuter⁣

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Linden NJ, on February 6, 2024, Officer Nikolas DePasquale and Officer Kevin O’Brien were on uniformed train patrol. They were patrolling an NJ TRANSIT train and disembarked at Linden Station around 4:50 pm. Immediately after their arrival at Linden, a passing commuter reported seeing a woman down at the station. The officers rushed to the area of concern and noticed an unresponsive woman. She was lying face down on the stairs. The officers checked for breathing and a pulse. Neither were detected.⁣

⁣They requested EMS and lifted the woman onto a flat landing. There they administered CPR. Together, both officers alternated through numerous rounds of compressions. After their continued efforts, the woman showed signs of abnormal breathing and a faint pulse. As the pulse and breathing was inconsistent, they continued alternating compressions until EMS arrived. EMS attached an AED which administered a shock. The woman was then breathing normally. She was transported to further medical attention.⁣
The officers were essentially in the right place at the right time. Without the quick action of these officers and the report from the passing commuter, the woman likely would not have survived. All of these efforts helped to save a life.⁣
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