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Smartphone Trends to Watch in 2024

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Smartphones have become essential in our daily lives, constantly evolving with new technologies. In 2024, several key trends are set to shape the future of smartphones. From groundbreaking innovations to enhanced connectivity, the industry is on the brink of exciting developments. This article explores the most significant trends to watch, including advancements in technology, the impact of 5G and beyond, the future of foldable phones, and the rise of AI in smartphones. Understanding these trends will help you stay informed and make better choices when selecting your next smartphone.

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Exponential Growth of Sports Betting: New Platforms, Integrations, and the Path Ahead

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The repeal of PASPA in 2018 opened the floodgates for sports betting in the US. Once limited to Nevada, legal sports wagering has expanded to 30 states and counting. This momentum is fueling exponential growth in the sports betting industry. New platforms, such as Casino Lukki, integrations and innovations are shaping the future of how we bet on sports.

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20210512 – Village Council Regular Public Meeting Agenda

For the duration of the Coronavirus pandemic, Village Hall is closed to the public and meetings are being held with participants at remote locations, connecting to conferencing software provided by  Members of the public are invited to view meetings live using Zoom, which also allows them to “raise a hand” and contribute with voice and video when they are invited to do so during Public Comments as well as during Public Hearings during the meeting.


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Energy-mining Card Treats 5G networks as Wireless Power Grids

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Ridgewood NJ, A team from Georgia Tech has unveiled a 3D-printed rectifying antenna that can harvest electromagnetic energy from 5G signals and use it to power devices. The playing card-sized device could turn 5G networks into wireless power grids. It is flexible and works well even when bent. Millimeter-wave energy harvesting has been possible for some time, but it hasn’t been practical due to the large size of previous antennas. The device can harvest more than enough energy to power a range of small sensors and devices by using energy that would otherwise have been wasted.

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Tech Innovations That Will Make Your Life Easier

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When you think of the future, what do you think of? We think of right now! Technology is developing as fast as you can imagine, or even faster. Maybe some of the biggest tech innovations are being invented right at this moment. 

Lightning speed internet

The need for faster internet is pushing the technology forward every day. Since most of the work nowadays is done online, companies and businesses are requiring very fast responses from their employees and it is researchers’ and engineers’ job to make that possible for them. They are developing the fastest internet ever seen, whose speed they compare to the speed of lightning. If that is achieved, it will increase the efficiency of the workers and improve communication in companies. The engineers believe that 5G will change the world as much as our regular internet changed it a long time ago.

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